3: Eleanor Moseman – Home of the Traveler


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Home of the Traveler, photographs by Eleanor Moseman 

A photographer, adventurer and storyteller, Eleanor Moseman’s work has been published internationally regarding her expeditions and the people she has had the opportunity to spend extended time with. Moseman is a humanitarian and particularly works with minorities, women among religious cultures, the working-class, and those enslaved into poverty. She strives to immerse herself in the culture of the people she documents to seek resolutions of the inflicted while sharing the stories of the unknown, forgotten, and persecuted. As an explorer, she delves deep within the human psyche and shares intimate details of her soul and thoughts formed from searching beyond infinite horizons for months at a time.

Moseman’s first recognized adventure was a solo bicycle expedition and photographic project around Asia. Documenting small communities, cultures, and religious minorities of the western borderlands of China, including Tibet, Xinjiang, and Central Asia.

Since 2008, she has been based primarily in Shanghai, China as a freelancer. Her time is divided between commercial work while pursuing long term, socially conscious photo-journalistic projects. This year, there are plans are for Indonesia, Tibet, and Xinjiang China while planning for TEDx presentation in Shanghai about “Living Fearlessly”.

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