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Profile Benjamin Authers LE Mag August 2016

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A Culture of Rights – Law, Literature, and Canada – Author, Dr Benjamin Authers,
Assistant Professor of Law, School of Law and Justice, Faculty of Business, Government and Law, University of Canberra. Published by University of Toronto Press

Dr Benjamin Authers – “My research focuses on critical approaches to human rights and law and literature. In my work I study texts that include novels, constitutions, policy, and case law, and ask how these documents create and promulgate ideas about human rights. Much of my work has focused on the intersection between constitutional rights and literature in contemporary Canada. I also maintain an interest in Canadian cultural-legal studies more broadly, and have written on the racialisation of criminal and political responsibility in 19th Canada and the place of suspicion and representation in Canada’s appearance under the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review. More recently, my research has focused on the language and place of texts in international human rights. LINK

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