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The Journey, Mandalas by Patricia Fitzgerald

Creating mandala art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue for Patricia Fitzgerald. Within the human subconscious, there is an abundance of images; a wealth of connections and memory, built layer upon layer. As a contemplative person, she is driven to search through these images for meaning and significance.  As an artist, she seeks to refine this information and create personal works of substance and beauty. In the sharing of this work with an audience, the personal then becomes universal.

The wellspring of her inspiration can be found woven with strands garnered from scientific studies of the universe and its relationship to art and spirituality. This includes the study of geometry, physics, spirituality, astronomy and the examination of mandala making across time and place.

Her work is entirely intuitive and is done as a way of journeying inwards to the silent centre within.To face with full force the reality of our aloneness. In doing so, an inexplicable transition occurs to a sense of utter belonging and connectedness.  Mandala making and art as a practice can be found right across the world, throughout all religions and none. The effect of the mandala on both herself as the creator and on anybody viewing the piece, is one of serenity and calmness.

Patricia has been formally trained in art at the Institute of Art and Design in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin where she graduated in Visual Education and Communication. She also hold a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College Dublin. She gives workshops internationally on the art of mandala and meditation.

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