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India with all her size and all her diversity cannot be pinned down. She is more than the Taj Mahal, more than the great Himalaya or the Eastern seaboard. More than the desert and more even, then the Mother Ganga.

India is infinity. No photos can ever hope to contain her. All we can hope to do it catch a snippet, an essence, a feel of a little of the great sub continent.

Her people make India the special she is. Is there an Indian psyche or are there many? The good, the bad, the ugly, rich, poor, broken, or complete are all there. The shysters, the story tellers, the charmers, the seekers all co-exist in the delightful pot pourri that comprises India. Tolerance, and acceptance seem to stem from the very pores of her people. Kindness and cruelty are the verging sides of the same coin.

India, may all the Gods bless you.

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