Dr Greta Sykes and David Morgan on Brexit

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Brexit? – Two opposing points of view on the burning issue of whether Britain should stay in the EU or not. Dr Greta Sykes passionately presents her argument that Britain should remain in the EU; whilst David Morgan dispassionately lays out the facts as to why Britain must exit the arrangement.

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One Reply to “Dr Greta Sykes and David Morgan on Brexit”

  1. Thank you to both authors for their contribution. What I am more interested in are the short- and long-term consequences, rather than lamenting the shortcomings and frustrations with Brussels’ bureaucracy. For science in the UK, a Brexit would be a disaster, in particular losing access to EU-funded research projects. It would be far less attractive for EU scientists to work in the UK and more attractive for UK scientists to go elsewhere. Education is far too expensive at it is. But without EU-subsidies, university fees for non-EU students are likely to rise. Academic staff will be far more difficult to recruit, as stated by the Russell group. Beyond the nitty-gritty issues of industry and commerce, without the UK, Europe is most certainly losing its leverage against Russia. There are severe geo-political consequences. Frustrations with less-than-democratic bureaucracy are an understandable reason, but not a sufficient one. At the end of the day we are one people of Europe with shared values and a democratic understanding of life and society. We may debate the European Commission, but should keep in mind that the European Parliament is a directly elected body by EU citizens and as such has full democratic legitimization. I find it utterly incomprehensible that some people in the UK would easily abandon the supervening advantages of the EU, something that the democratic forces in Poland are bitterly fighting to regain. The Brexit is in trend with the emergence of European right-wing neo-nationalism. Once people withdraw into their shell, to live in splendid isolation, there is no easy way to get back together. My Kindest Regards!

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