Where is Fr Thomas Uzhunnalil and is he still alive?

Father Thomas UzhunnalilMarch 27, 2016

On March 4, four gunmen attacked a Missionaries of Charity-run retirement home in Aden, Yemen, killing 16 people including four Missionary of Charity sisters (Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity). Fr. Uzhunnalil was kidnapped by the gunman during the attacks, which are thought to have been perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, though no specific group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Father Eugene Perera, Vicar General of Archdiocese Trivandrum, told NDTV, “The Church is very much wounded and affected about these incidents. It’s not only about Father Tom alone, but 16 others, including nuns who were killed. There are people who have been brutally murdered and they were only working for humanity.”

On Friday, a spokesperson for the Salesians, Bengaluru, to which Father Tom Uzhuannalil belongs, rejected as “rumours” reports that terror group ISIS had abducted the priest and had threatened to crucify him on Good Friday.

“No group has claimed responsibility yet…These rumours are spread from quite some time…We don’t know if it is true,” Father Methew Valarkot said.

The Indian Government is working behind the scenes to secure the release of Fr. Uzhunnalil.

In the past the Indian Government had been successful is securing the release of Indian Jesuit Father Aexis Prem Kumar, head of a Jesuit organization working in Afghanistan, who was abducted by the Taliban and remained in captivity for nearly nine months: and also many Indians held captive in parts of the Middle East.

Anyone reading this post kindly pray for the safe return of Father Thomas Uzhuannalil. His only crime was working peacefully for humanity.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Note: From news reports and personal message to me.

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