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Profile Shane Chalmers Live Encounters Magazine April 2016

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The Living Dead – An Independence Framework – Shane Chalmers,
Centre for International Governance & Justice, RegNet, ANU.
Reprinted by permission of Regarding Rights

Shane Chalmers is a PhD scholar at the Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU. He studied law and international studies as an undergraduate at The University of Adelaide between 2004 and 2010, with a year visit at the University of California, Los Angeles. During this period, stimulated by his study of public and international law, Shane interned with the Centre for International Environmental Law in Washington, DC, and later with the United Nations Development Programme’s Regional Centre in Bangkok in the area of indigenous peoples rights and development in Asia and the Pacific. Shane worked in 2010 for the Crown Solicitor’s Office of South Australia in the administrative law and regulatory prosecutions section, whilst working part time as research assistant to the Solicitor-General of South Australia. In 2011, Shane moved to Montreal to undertake graduate studies in comparative law and cross-cultural jurisprudence at McGill University, culminating in a critical theoretical reflection on the work of human rights internationally.

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