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Pakistani-Afghan relations after Karzai – Safdar Sial, Research Analyst, Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS). Reprinted by permission of NOREF

The Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre/Norsk ressurssenter for fredsbygging (NOREF) is a resource centre integrating knowledge and experience to strengthen peacebuilding policy and practice. Established in 2008, it collaborates and promotes collaboration with a wide network of researchers, policymakers and practitioners in Norway and abroad.

Safdar Sial has been working with the Islamabad-based research and policy advocacy organisation Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) as a research analyst since March 2007. His work focuses on conflict, insecurity, and violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan; regional political, strategic and security issues; and media and governance. He has published extensively in national and international journals; is a co-author of Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA and Radicalization in Pakistan; is the editor of Critical Ideologies: A Debate on Takfeer and Khurooj; and is an associate editor of the PIPS research journal Conflict and Peace Studies.

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