Ernie LaPointe – A Message From Sitting Bull’s Great Grandson

Live Encounters Ernie LaPointe A Vision of For The Future Volume Four December 2015

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A Vision for the Future – A Message to the World from Ernie LaPointe, Great Grandson
of Tatanka Iyotake (Big Bull Sitting Down) who was a Sun dancer, Medicine Man and
Chief of the non-treaty Lakota.

 What is approaching from the future will create panic to the majority
of the World, but there will be a chosen few that will welcome the purification.
The chosen few will be the ones that are looking to the future
with compassion and living a Spiritual way of life.

I lived for 6 decades plus and approximately 4 decades I lived in the fast World of the Americans. In 1993, I started my journey back into the Ancient Sacred Life of the Lakota People. I started with participating in Purification Ceremonies (Commonly Known as Sweat Lodges) then I was called by the Ancient Spirits to participate in the Sacred Sun Dance. The protocol for the ceremonies began with a Purification Ceremony then a Hanblechiya (Crying through the Night for a Vision). I was troubled with how the American people lived. They lived for material, monetary gains and were egotistical, racist and were taking everything our true Mother, the Earth offered. They created a bubble and to fit into this bubble, a person has to give up their identity and natural gifts or talents. Their education systems are geared toward the past. They try to teach their children how to correct the mistakes of the past to create a better future, which is not the Ancient Lakota way. They are actually destroying the future for their children. The majority of the Americans are for Pro Life, but how are these future generations going to survive when they are destroying the air, water and food sources.

Our Mother Earth is crying out to those of us to try and save her very existence, but she is also a Mother and she does not want to harm her children, so her other children (The Elements) are showing the two legged ones that are hurting her with signs. The signs are extreme droughts in certain areas and extreme flooding in other areas and fires are burning the forests and also climate change. I was told through a ceremony that the Earth is going to shift from her axis. I sometimes feel as I am the only Human Being to recognize this. I do not have a religious person to tell me about who “god” is or what will happen to me if I don’t fear him. I have a Sacred Pipe and with this pipe I can communicate with the Ancient Spirits and with Wakan Tanka (The Great Mystery). I was informed many times to not fear the Ancient Spirits or Wakan Tanka, because they are the future. I try to live my life as the Lakota people during the times of my Great-Grandfather Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull).

These values are generosity, compassion, courage and visions for the future. I felt I had to explain who I am and my walk through this life, before I tell about my vision. Our Lakota way is shared orally and is not a written language, but through ceremonies, I was told the people cannot understand points in a story, because the American language is a backward language and one word or sentence can create misdirection and misunderstanding in storytelling, so I have to take the painstaking task of trying to translate my Native Lakota words into this backwards language.

My only hope is that the people reading my words will understand my points. The vision I was given was at Bear Butte in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My vision started right after the helpers set me in my hochoka (Alter). I started hearing people crying all around me and the crying was so mournful; I had tears flowing down my face. I started praying to Wakan Tanka why I am hearing this, but it just went on until dawn, then the helpers came for me. The helpers and I went into the Purification lodge and the Medicine Man asked me about my vision, so I told him about the men and women crying. The Spirit answered my vision, the Spirit said this is what is coming from the future, because the people are ignorant and haven’t turned to face the future, but live for monetary and material wealth. I was told majority of the people think when what is approaching is emanate, they will just mention a man’s name from their “good” book and they will be saved, but they will be in for a rude awakening, it will not happen.

These are the people who are crying I heard, the Spirit also said many of these will be from within my own immediate family. They will offer their money and material wealth for help, but these things do not have any value in the Spirit World. They have the chance to change their ways now, if they so desire, because the fate of the future is not set in stone, we can change the course, if the people of the World can act together. I was told to spread this vision to those that will give an ear, so at speaking events all over this country and many European countries, I share this, but it seems the people don’t either understand or maybe they just don’t care.

Ernie LaPointe
Black Hills, South Dakota, December 2015


Earnest (Ernie) Wayne LaPointe, a disabled Vietnam veteran, was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota in 1948.

He grew up in Rapid City, SD, with his half-sister Marlene Little Spotted Horse.  Their late mother Angelique LaPointe, nee Spotted Horse, was a homemaker.  His late father Claude LaPointe farmed on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and worked in a lumber yard in Rapid City.

Ernie attended the public school system in Rapid City.  When he was 10 years old, his mother died of cancer. At age 17 his father died of a heart attack.  He lived with his sister Marlene, who was already married at that time, until he was 18 years old and old enough to join the military in 1966.  He was stationed in Korea, Turkey, Germany and all over the United States.  He did one tour in Vietnam in 1970-71.  He got an honorable discharge from the Army in 1972.

Ernie is a sun dancer and lives the traditional way of the Lakota and follows the rules of the sacred pipe.

On his mother’s side he is the great-grandson of Sitting Bull and Seen By Her Nation Woman, grandson of Standing Holy (Sitting Bull’s youngest daughter), her Christian name was Mary Sitting Bull, and Urban Spotted Horse.  Ernie can point out a long line of chiefs on his mother’s as well as on his father’s side.  His grandfather Spotted Horse was the son of Hunts Enemy and the grandson of Chief Charging Bear.  His great-grandmother’s, Tokala Win LaPointe, brother was Chief Painted Horse.

In 1992, Ernie was given the opportunity to set the record straight on the Sitting Bull direct blood descendants by speaking at the induction of Sitting Bull into the Hall of Fame of American Indian Chiefs at Anadarko, Oklahoma.  Since then he had numerous invitations from Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota, and the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana, to speak about his heritage.  He also spoke at universities in Indiana (University of Notre Dame), Michigan, Ohio and Texas (Temple University).  The Monroe (Michigan) Custer Celebration Committee invited Ernie repeatedly to join and speak about his great-grandfather.

Ernie was also interviewed at a closed-circuit television station in Killeen, TX. This was broadcast in the Killeen area schools and approximately 50,000 students viewed the programming in their classroom environment in and around East Central Texas.  He also gave a lecture on the Lakota culture and about Sitting Bull to a group of high school history teachers and also some college history professors in Liberty, New York.

Ernie is also a frequent guest at the Fort St. Joseph Museum in Niles, Michigan, which includes lectures for adults, and also for teenaged children in high schools.  Ernie had a lecturing series in Germany and Finland at different museums and cultural centers.

During the summer time, Go Native America Tours has Ernie lecture to tourists from all over the world, and tour with them through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

You may send an email to Ernie LaPointe for book signings, talks etc. :


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  1. Quoting ” I was told majority of the people think when what is approaching is emanate, they will just mention a man’s name from their “good” book and they will be saved, but they will be in for a rude awakening, it will not happen.” Unquote…
    My Question is this, how as a Christian can we get around this, this is their teachings. I am Lakota and was baptized a Catholic as a baby, I always had many questions regarding them and our Native ways.

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