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Live Encounters Magazine Paul Casey Volume 3 December 2015

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Poems Previously Unpublished by Paul Casey.

He grew up between Ireland, Zambia and South Africa – working in film, multimedia and teaching. Paul has written, published and performed poems in five of his six spoken languages.

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Paul Casey was born in Cork in 1968. He grew up between Ireland, Zambia and South Africa, working in film, multimedia and teaching. His second collection, Virtual Tides, is due from Salmon Poetry in early 2016. He has published poetry in five of his spoken languages along with articles in journals and anthologies in Ireland, the US, China, Australia, South Africa, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. A chapbook, It’s Not all Bad, appeared from The Heaventree Press (2009) and in 2010 he produced a poetry-film based on Ian Duhig’s idyllic poem, The Lammas Hireling. His début collection is home more or less (Salmon, 2012) and he was awarded a Cork City Artist’s Bursary in 2013. He has recently had poems accepted by The Irish Examiner, Fulcrum, Colony, The Pickled Body, And Agamemnon dead, Crannóg, North West Words, Shamrock Haiku Journal, New Eyes on the Great Book, Over the Edge Anthology, Elysian, The Penny Dreadful, The Stony Thursday Book, Levure Littéraire, Southword and Brain of Forgetting. In 2014 he wrote and performed a collaborative piece with Afric McGlinchey, for Stephen J. Fowler’s Enemies project.

Casey performs regularly at festivals and events, having been the featured guest at Poetry Africa, Godiva Festival, Cork Spring Poetry festival, Cúirt Festival of Literature, Dromineer Literary Festival, the Electric Picnic and the Troubadour in London. He has been recorded by RTE Radio for the Poetry Programme and Arena. In 2014 he read in the Guild Hall in Coventry for the state visit of president Michael D. Higgins. He is in residence each May during the Bealtaine festival, in four elderly homes around county Cork. He also curates the annual Unfinished Book of Poetry, featuring verse written by students from Cork city schools. He is the founder/director of the weekly Ó Bhéal poetry reading series in Cork city (


With his mixture of humour, robust language and neurasthenic wandering, he is a serious talent; a man to demand attention.” – Thomas McCarthy

Paul Casey impresses with his versatility, sophistication and wit. His poems are shape-shifters of sound and style. One moment they are quick and shiny as satellites. The next dark and thoughtful as standing stones in a circle. They range, they lope, they gallop, strident or hushed. At all times they are concerned and caring.

– Kobus Moolman

These vivid and powerful poems are searing indictments of mealy-mouthed hypocrites; they hex anyone who stands in the path of goodness and light; and they ritualize expressions of compassion and love into powerful medicine for the head. Sophisticated and complex, they yet manage to be generous and open-hearted, much like Paul Casey himself.

 – Paula Meehan

“With words chosen as skilfully as a flint is knapped Casey relates a modernity still marked by the Neolithic at its fringes, how we are all still pressed by the historic heft of stone, how ripples radiate from each of us to affect the world around us.”

Patrick Cotter

… a truly international poet” – Ian Duhig

These poems sensitise the reader to the permeable boundaries around all places …” – Leanne O’Sullivan

a verbal weave of magical sound. It does what the best of poetry always does. it begins in delight, stays in delight and lands in delight” – Alan Titley

… an urgent new voice in Irish poetry, one fiercely original in all senses of the word” – Billy Ramsell

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