A Greeting of Peace

A greeting of Peace

An offering of Peace and Love to all the contributors and readers of Live Encounters – photographs by Mark Ulyseas of Lhai Heua Fai (floating boats of light downstream), a festival celebrated at the end of Lent in Laos. The boats are exquisitely made of bamboo, coloured paper and festooned with flowers, money and food. It is an offering to the mighty Mekong (which means Mother of All Things) asking its forgiveness for disrespecting it and also to send away all sickness, failures and bad luck. It is, in essence, homage to Lord Buddha. Tomorrow, 11.11.2015 is Diwali in India – Festival of Lights when Good triumphs over Evil.

Perhaps in our rush to be somewhere, we forget the sanctity and joy of living a ‘good life’, not just for ourselves but for others.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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