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Father & Son – a poem by Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet, Playwright and Writer.

This poem, Father & Son came to me one evening while waiting for a train at Heuston Station, Dublin. I watched a moving picture of a very old man walk hand-in-hand with an intellectually disabled man, I assumed to be his son. The poem is included in my forthcoming poetry collection for young people, ECHOLOCATION.

Father & Son

At Heuston Station, Dublin
a very old man walks
hand-in-hand with his ageing son
easily, slowly
like partners of sixty years.

The old man releases his son
into the one vacant seat
while he rests his weary frame
against a glass wall.

They look tidy

This father has no option
to keep his heart open
to live on for his son.
© Terry McDonagh

Irish poet and dramatist, Terry McDonagh, www.terry-mcdonagh.com, taught creative writing at the University of Hamburg and was Drama Director at the Int. School Hamburg for 15 years, He now works freelance. He has been writer in residence in Europe, Asia and Australia. He’s published seven poetry collections, a book of letters, as well as prose and poetry for young people Translated into Indonesian and German and distributed internationally by Syracuse Uni. Press. His latest poetry collection: Ripple Effect was published in  2013 – Arlen House, and his  children’s story, Michel the Merman, illustrated by Marc Barnes (NZ), in 2014. Echolocation (poetry for young people) is to be published autumn 2015 and Lady Cassie Peregrina (poetry) in spring 2016. He lives in Hamburg and Ireland. He is currently writer in residence to support Galway’s application for European Capital of Culture 2020.

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