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Dr Candess M Campbell The Queen Archetype Live Encounters Magazine August 2015

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The Queen Archetype by Dr Candess M Campbell, #1 Best-selling Author, Intuitive Mentor, Speaker, and International Psychic Medium Healer.

The creativity of your subconscious mind not only shows up in dreams, but also shows up as archetypes in your life. Archetypes are overlying patterns that show up in all cultures that are seeded in the psyche. Some examples of archetypes are mother, judge, teacher and healer. When you begin to look at these patterns in your life, you can unleash your creative energy.

“The shadow aspects of our archetypes are fed by our paradoxical relationship to power. We are as intimidated by being empowered as we are by being disempowered.”  – Caroline Myss

Whenever I explore an archetype, it is fun to write about one where I have personal experience. In this case, I am writing about my friend’s archetype.

Several years ago at a Conference with Brendon Burchard in Santa Clara, I met an incredible woman, Katie Cavanaugh. We spent the whole workshop learning together and getting to know each other. It was a collaborative relationship made in heaven. We decided to be business mentors for each other and have Skyped every week since. 

In addition to focusing on business, we became fast friends. In 2012, she hosted and facilitated the Healer’s Gathering Workshop at the Harmony House in Sisters, Oregon. I was delighted to be invited to be a keynote speaker. I decided to facilitate a DNA Activation with this group of 100 participants. She invited me to come and stay with her in the guest room (which is now called Candess’s room!) 

As the pre-event unfolded, her house began to fill up with other guests and eventually I was moved to a blow up bed in her office. I found myself reacting, feeling hurt and angry. It just happened that my friend Cheyenne from Colorado was visiting her friend near Sisters and I was able to meet with her and talk. Cheyenne and I have known each other for many years and she is like a sister to me. She helped me realize that my control issue here was a safety issue and these kinds of reactions generally manifest for me in my own home and wherever I sleep. 

Before the event I felt I needed to meet with Katie and clear what happened for me. I invited Katie to have lunch with Cheyenne, her friend and I so we could talk. The three of us were seated at a patio table as Katie walked in. She was majestic in her presence, carrying herself with confidence and grace. She sported a large smile and introduced herself and the whole ambience changed. Cheyenne said as soon as she saw her – she is a Queen. I immediately got it. My friend Katie Cavanaugh had the Queen archetype! We talked about my reaction to being downgraded from my own room to a blow up bed and just being able to share this with Katie created the safety I needed. 

More importantly, knowing that Katie had the Queen Archetype shifted my relationship with her and I was able to understand and honor how amazing she is and how delighted I am to work with this powerful, intrepid woman!

You may have Queens in your life as well.

Characteristics of the Queen Archetype

  • Makes sure everything is exactly as it should be
  • Takes charge
  • Dominates her court and give orders
  • Is benevolent and takes care of her subjects
  • Is dignified, striking and awesome
  • Has a clear sense of responsibility
  • Plans and gets things done
  • Imparts to her subjects what she believes in important
  • Empowers her subjects to connect to the community and return to her

Shadow side of the Queen

  • Demanding
  • Aggressive
  • Vengeful
  • Heads will role if they don’t follow the rules

Having realized the nature of the Queen Archetype, I understood even more clearly the value of my friendship and collaborative relationship with Katie Cavanaugh. My main archetype is that of a Spiritual Teacher, but my energy is soft and responsive. When I watched her facilitate the Healer’s Gathering I was awed as many of us are in the presence of her majestic command.

Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and the author of Sacred Contracts, a book on archetypes, has been my mentor through her workshops and books for nearly 20 years. She also has the Queen Archetype. In fact, I think many of the powerful women I have sought out as teachers share this quality. 

By understanding and working with the Queen Archetype you will learn to identify these characteristics in yourself or in others. If you have the Queen archetype, be aware of how you affect others in your life. Your intensity may be misunderstood. Use your powerful persona to influence and guide others. Surround yourself with friends who support your vision and are willing participants in your Queendom!

If you have friends, family or co-workers who have the Queen Archetype, take a look at how you can benefit from their ruling and how you can support yourself and the Queen by this awareness. Share with them what you have learned and find your place in the royal family.

Awareness of the Archetypes can help you heal yourself and access your natural path to move toward your Divine Soul purpose.


Katie Cavanaugh is an Intrepid Success Coach and Mentor. You can find more about her at http://katiecavanaugh.com.


Candess M. Campbell, PhD a #1 Best-selling Author, Intuitive Mentor and Coach, Speaker, and International Psychic Medium Healer. http://energymedicinedna.com

© Dr Candess M Campbell

3 Replies to “Dr Candess M Campbell – The Queen Archetype”

  1. Carl Jung was the theorist I focused on in my undergraduate studies. Love his teachings on the “collective unconscious,” dreams and archetypes. If you have an archetype you would like me to write about in an upcoming article, let me know.

  2. My heart felt gratitude for the extraordinary insights you teach Candess. Understanding the power of the Archetype of QUEEN in my life has been empowering. And, to gain clarity with regards to the Shadow of the Queen is equally potent. This understanding has given me the tools to be exquisitely and confidently aligned with unshakable Love, Compassion and Peace. My good work is to stand in the resonant energy of my power and embrace Leadership holding the state of Grace. Thank you for coming along side me on this remarkable journey of LIFE! “If you can envision it, YOU can create it!”

    1. It has been my pleasure too Katie. One of the issues with the Queen archetype is sometimes people who do not empower themselves, tend to want to d-throne the Queen. Watching how you stand in your power and empower others, even when they are struggling and projecting has been educational! You do it with such grace.

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