M is for Mother or is it for Murder?

Photograph by Mark Ulyseas
Photograph by Mark Ulyseas

What’s the score today folks? by Mark Ulyseas

  1. Blast in Kuwait Shia mosque kills innocent worshipers…
  2. 27+ people slaughtered in a sea side resort  in Tunisia…
  3. 150 civilians killed in Kobane by ISIS…
  4. Al Shadaab kills many at AU base in Somalia…
  5. Nigerian court sentences 9 people to death for blasphemy…
  6. Saudi Arabia threatens anyone to 25 years in prison for reading/distributing the wikileaks cables on its ‘activities’. Meanwhile it continues its beheadings and its Supreme Court upholds 1000 lashes and ten years’ imprisonment of a Saudi blogger for writing the truth…and continues bombing the Shia majority Yemenis killing/injuring thousands of Shias…
  7. Innocent French factory worker killed, beheaded in Lyon…
  8. Libya: smolders
  9. This does not include other minor incidents like rape, sodomy, slavery etc by the charming ISIS crew and others in conflict zones in the Middle East.
  10. Meanwhile, the funeral of the victims of the church massacre in Charleston – black folk praying in a church gunned down by a white young man – is on today.

But this is not important.

What is important is the threat that Vladimir Putin poses to the West. That is why the eastern border of EU is being ‘beefed up’ with all kinds of weapons and sanctions have been imposed on Russia. While the right wing government in Ukraine is getting freebies. All this supported by an eager western media.

Now what are we missing here?

Note: When USA and Britain illegally invaded Iraq resulting in mass murder of civilians the world didn’t view these actions as being carried out by Christians but as ‘political action’ by the two countries. So why is it that Muslims, particularly in the West, are denigrated when one of their own commits murder and why are these actions deliberately confused with the religion? Is it because the murderers use Islam as a defence? Hummm…aren’t we all falling for the bait? Or is it that westerners fear an ‘alien’ ideology’ that appears so powerful that it is successful in seducing people through the net to leave their homes in the West and to  join in the murder in the Middle East?

Perhaps sense has become common, so common that  it is now the sole purview of those that lack a sense of proportion and truth.

The truth is that many among us are complicit in the mass murder of innocent civilians. No one religion can be singled out.

The enemy is not the God of others.

It is the growing hate in our hearts.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


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