Terry McDonagh – Why Can’t We Have Our Own Gods?

Terry McDonagh - Why Can't We Have Our Own Gods? Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

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A poem by Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet, Playwright and Writer

“I used to teach at an International school and often overheard young peoples’ conversations on background and religion. It made me wonder why we adults seem to need to use religion and culture as an instrument of power. Children keep things simple. Sadly we seem to gradually lose this simplicity as we get closer to adulthood. This poem was published in BOXES – my poetry collection for young people.” – Terry

Why Can't We Have Our Own Gods? Terry McDonagh Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

Why Can’t We Have Our Own Gods?

My friend was born Christian.
I was born Jew.
We go to the same school,
live in the same street,
like wearing the same clothes,
like eating the same food,
love swimming,
love playing volleyball,
don’t like doing homework,
don’t like getting up.

I go to the synagogue
on Fridays and Saturdays.
She goes to her church
on Sundays.

My mother tells me
we are the Chosen People.

My friend’s mother tells her
their God is their Saviour.

I told my mother and
she told her mother
we had seen gods laughing,
singing and dancing together
in a circle of moonlight.

They both said: you
couldn’t have. You are
too young to understand,
but one day you will.

But we do understand.

We talk to our gods.
They dance with us

© Terry McDonagh


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