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From Turkey with love – Ozlem Warren, International Turkish Culinary Expert shares some of her recipes and offers you a chance to win a free cookery course. Check it out right here!

Hospitality is a big part of Turkish culture. I vividly remember friends popping in my Grandmother’s 400 year old house in my home town Antakya and welcomed to table. We would sit in courtyard under fig trees; have a feast of mezzes, abundance of fresh produce in olive oil, succulent kebabs and more. I was a lucky grandchild to be introduced to such wonderful food and hospitality at an early age. Today, my mother still puts extra plates on the table, as she knows someone always turns up to say hi. Turkish saying “Basimin ustunde yerin var” (“I place you at the top of my head”) sums the Turkish hospitality very well. My mother always says, “Greet your guests with a warm smile, make them welcome; cook food with your love and it will always taste delicious.” Isn’t it true, our care is reflected through the food we affectionately produce for our loved ones?

The most notable categories in Turkish cooking are Mezes (appetizers), Boreks (pastries with fillings); Dolmas (stuffed vegetables and vine leaves); Kebabs and Koftes; Sebzeli Et Yemekleri (casserole type meat dishes with vegetables); Pilavs (variety of rice), Zeytinyaglis (vegetables cooked in olive oil). Desserts feature ranging from traditional milk puddings to sweet pastries like “Baklava and of course, Turkish Delight, one of Turkey’s landmarks. A meal at the Turkish table is always finished off with the famous Turkish coffee.

Offering Ozlem’s Online Turkish Course to 4 lucky winners! Simply answer the questions below and email your answers to (ozlem@ozlemsturkishtable.com) 4 lucky winners will receive Ozlem’s online Turkish Cookery Course for free:

  1. What is the name of Ozlem’s home town?
  2. What is the name of national fruit/vegetable in Turkey?
  3. What is the name given for “pastries with fillings” in Turkey?

The answers can be found in the article below.  You can also download the article from the link given above.

Afiyet Olsun, Bon Appettit – Ozlem Warren

Ozlem one Live Encounters Magazine May 2015

Ozlem two live encounters magazine may 2015

Ozlem three live encounters  magazine may 2015

Ozlem four live encounters magazine may 2015

Ozlem five live encounters magazine may 2015

International cooking teacher and Turkish culinary expert Ozlem Warren is a  native of Turkey, lived there and extensively travelled for 30 years.  Ozlem is  passionate about the amazing Turkish cuisine and the culinary heritage that her homeland offers. She has been teaching wholesome, delicious Turkish cookery in the US, Jordan, Istanbul and England for the past 8 years and has a popular Turkish recipe blog Ozlem’s Turkish Table www.ozlemsturkishtable.com, on which she publishes healthy, delicious and easy to make Turkish recipes. Ozlem also hosts culinary and cultural tours to Turkey, to show her homeland from a local’s perspective. Her recipes got published in the local media in England, Hurriyet and Sabah national daily newspapers in Turkey. Ozlem also took part at the  “Turkish Chefs of the World”, “Dunyanin Turk Sefleri” TV program aired at TRT, National Turkish TV channel and in 37 countries.

Ozlem recently prepared a wonderful Online Turkish Cookery Course to provide a window into Turkish culture through its food. She shares insight into Turkish history and hospitality, along with  a demonstration of popular Turkish dishes; Spinach & feta filo pastry pie, Ispanakli borek; popular Stuffed Eggplants/Aubergines with ground meat and vegetables, Karniyarik, Potato and Bulgur patties with pomegranate molasses;  Patatesli ve Bulgurlu Kofte, Turkish Coffee and  history of Turkish Delight. Once purchased, course can be watched at your own time, unlimited times; it can also make a wonderful gift of good food for Mother’s Day. Here is a free preview video of Ozlem’s Online Turkish Cookery Course : https://vimeo.com/123412891

Here is a link to Ozlem’s Online Turkish Cookery Course : https://www.mer-ka-bah.com/course/cultural-cuisine-turkey/?ref=21

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