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Dr Candess M Campbell The Saboteur Live Encounters Magazine May 2015

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The Saboteur by Dr Candess M Campbell, #1 Best-selling Author, Intuitive Mentor, Speaker, and International Psychic Medium Healer.

The creativity of your subconscious mind not only shows up in dreams, but also shows up as archetypes in your life. Archetypes are overlying patterns that show up in all cultures that are seeded in the psyche. Some examples of archetypes are mother, judge, teacher and healer. When you begin to look at these patterns in your life, you can unleash your creative energy.

Although there are thousands of archetypes, Caroline Myss, an author, teacher and medical intuitive writes that we all share 4 personal archetypes – the Child, Prostitute, Victim and Saboteur. This article will delve into the Saboteur Archetype.

In my work with clients and students, I often teach them about manifesting. We begin by them becoming clear on what it is they want to create in their lives. Inevitably, as soon as they have clearly identified their goal, their mind fills up with negative self-talk. They become consumed with doubt and fear. They distrust either their ability to manifest or their worthiness to have what it is they want. This is the saboteur.

The saboteur, according to Myss is the “Guardian of Choice.” This means that when you have the opportunity for change, to begin something new, to make a choice toward something that can make a significant difference in your life, the saboteur surfaces and fills you with fear. Each archetype has a positive Sun side and a darker Shadow side. You are more likely to identify the sun side of this archetype, but there is much that will be relegated to the shadow side of the psyche. You will notice this when you find yourself automatically reacting to something. The cause of this reaction quickly slips into your subconscious.

Firstly, you must learn to identify this archetype. You will notice that it shows up as fear, disruption and resistance. You may remember times when you made decisions in your life that blocked your own empowerment or success.

You can use the saboteur to help you to consciously inventory areas of your life you need to fix or heal. In my own life I have been working on becoming conscious of whenever I become resistant. In this process, I have found that my resistance had become a habit. Having realized this, I began working on being more open and making different choices.

Have you ever blown an opportunity or failed to follow a dream? Often, the saboteur reflects your fears of taking responsibility for yourself and creating what you want. When you make the saboteur your ally it can call your attention to ways you might be sabotaged or sabotaging yourself and then you can make decisions that are more empowering.

Also, with the saboteur’s guidance, you can deconstruct parts of your life and rebuild, often resulting in a rebirth. Work with your saboteur to see where you may be doing yourself in. A question Myss presented at a Medical Intuition workshop is one I use with my clients. Ask yourself, what am I doing I know I should not be doing and what am I not doing that I know I should be doing? This question gives you clear direction on how to explore your saboteur and make positive changes.

I often hear from clients that the saboteur plays on fears that they are not good enough to accomplish what they desire. They fear empowerment because they think being empowered will separate them from warmth and comfort of loved ones. They are afraid that if they realize their dream, they may find themselves feeling isolated from others and then they would need to compromise their dream in order to stay connected.

Many people often fear empowerment because they don’t want to be responsible for their actions and therefore consciously or unconsciously experience weakness and hold onto their fears. They avoid others that are empowered or enlightened and seek out relationships with those whose abilities are below theirs so they do not feel threatened, or even feel superior.

You may be afraid that if you are enlightened you will end up alone. There is an erroneous belief that when you are conscious and living an enlightened life you won’t be vulnerable, enjoy being in physical form and capable of sensual love. As a result, you become fragmented, and transfer the saboteur to the hidden area of the shadow.

The reality is that when you understand your saboteur, you can become empowered and release previously stuck creative energy. You can do this by taking inventory and making choices.

So how do you align with your saboteur and use it to your benefit?

  1. Initially you can identify your saboteur by noting in your journal when you are fearful, reactive or resistant.
  2. Think about the situation that triggered this response.
  3. Write out choices that you could make regarding this situation.
  4. Note the layers of fear and resistance you have with some of the choices you could make. Explore them in your journal.
  5. Sit and focus in your heart. Now bring your attention to your solar plexus. Notice the “gut feeling” you get when you connect with your intuitive self. What information do you receive? Write it out.
  6. Continue to use this process at different times when you are fearful, reactive or resistant. It can take you deeper into each incident or create awareness of a new opportunity for growth.

As you work with your saboteur you will learn you can manage the saboteur with acts of courage and by following your intuition. Listen to your inner voice. Begin by making small changes at first.  Keep track of your behaviors in your journal and little by little, you will notice you are becoming more aware and aligning with your Saboteur. This process, when used regularly, will allow you to become empowered and eventually more enlightened!

By working with your many archetypes, you will learn to access your natural path and move toward your Divine Soul purpose.

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