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Zorro (white foal) with his mother Kay. Photograph by Mark Ulyseas

(The title is a quote by the French General Napoleon Bonaparte).

Where is the truth in history written, published and hawked by those seeking to absolve their ancestors of cultural genocide?

Is the turmoil sweeping the world today any different from what it was a few thousand years ago or maybe more?

One religion rises, the other falls and the giant wheel of the universe keeps turning while the minions of the unenlightened scamper around bleating like stuck sheep.

A bird’s eye of the world today will reveal an interesting fact: the ex-colonials witnessing reverse colonisation. But do they see it like this? Or are excuses being made about ‘multiculturalism’ – the influx of the great unwashed (how they see the thousands thronging the shores of the west) contaminating the pristine environs of the first world?

‘Natural’ history is like water, it finds its own level. And what we are witnessing today is exactly this. Unfortunately, there appears to be a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the origins of present upheavals by attributing it to a religion instead of the incendiary historical aspects, which were fuelled by unilateral actions of the colonial.

A study of primary school history text books will reveal a fraud being committed on the unsuspecting minds of young children. We are teaching our young lies. Lies about past events, lies about the track record of our religions and lies about those who we see as our ‘nation builders’. The flag, the country and the anthem have been expertly used in this brainwashing. This all pervasive fraud is perpetrated by governments. The end result can be seen in the actions of leaders across the world whose warped notions of truth are reflective in their actions that affect millions.

Branding is another important component in writing history: A mortal with all the trappings of being human is made into a super human: One reads about how great the person was, how brave, how generous, how benevolent… historical truth is conspicuous by its absence. But who cares?

Perhaps if a prostitute wrote history we would get the truth because she knows who she is and has no illusions of the world around. But then who will believe one whose morals are elastic… because society is based on a morality that defies logic.

I shall leave you with these words from George Orwell – “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

© Mark Ulyseas
April 01, 2015

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