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Americans MIA in the Second World War along Northeast India-China border in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh by Gary Zaetz, Founder and Chairman, Families and Supporters of America’s Arunachal Missing in Action

For many years (at least since 2004), the US Government has known, and has stated publicly, that the mortal remains of over 400 US airmen still lie unrecovered at their World War II crash sites in northeast India, primarily in Arunachal Pradesh. These aircraft crashed while flying back and forth between Assam and south China, in support of the Chinese war effort against Japan. In the years immediately after the war, the US military made efforts to locate these crash sites, so as to recover and repatriate these airmen’s mortal remains to the US for proper burial, but by and large failed.

Page 1Gary Zaetz, Founder and Chairman Families and Supporters of America’s  Arunachal Missing in Action

Page 2 Gary Zaetz, Founder and Chairman Families and Supporters of America’s  Arunachal Missing in Action

Crashsite Reports 

Pilot: Capt. John L. Porter, xxxx0397 –
Radio Operator: SSgt. Walter R. Oswalt, xxxx5154
Flight Engineer: Sgt. Harold W. Neibler, xxxx0642
Gunner: SSgt. Harry D. Tucker, xxxx4288
Passenger: Maj. Ralph L. Dewsnup, xxxx6962

Pilot: Capt. Alvin N. Catalano, xxxx2756 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Robert F. Kearns, xxxx1954
Radio Operator: Pfc. John W. Briggette, xxxx0282
Flight Engineer: Cpl. John W. Sadler, xxxx2014

Pilot: Maj. Harry H. Musinski, xxxx2688 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Toney W. Gochnauer, xxxx9229
Navigator: 2nd Lt. John B. Frazier, xxxx2171
Bombardier: 2nd Lt. George R. Maupin, xxxx8542
Radio Operator: TSgt. Joseph P. Kurta, xxxx4251
Asst. Radio Operator: SSgt. Donah L. Adams, xxxx5676
Flight Engineer: TSgt. Wellington W. Hull, xxxx7752
Asst. Flight Engineer: SSgt. John W. Karns, xxxx9171
Passenger: 1st Lt. Charles H. Mortimer, xxxx9697
Passenger: SSgt. Robert O. Watson, xxxx2510
Passenger: TSgt. Jack R. Ferguson, xxxx7073
Passenger: TSgt. Edward W. Higgins, xxxx7807

Pilot: 1st Lt. Robert M. King, xxxx6536 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. John B. Byron, xxxx3651
Navigator: 1st Lt. Eugene L. Bernstein, xxxx411 0
Radio Operator: TSgt. John J. Regan, xxxx1443
Flight Engineer: TSgt. Robert R. Riley, xxxx5893
Gunner: SSgt. Garland J. Reed, xxxx0674
Gunner: SSgt. Earl L. Smith, xxxx2075
Passenger: Capt. Thomas H. Clare, xxxx0635
Passenger: SSgt. Raymond J. Bridge, xxxx3404
Passenger: Cpl. Merle L. Pickup, xxxx2953

Pilot: Capt. Bobby A. Cook –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Marvin Siegal
Navigator: 2nd Lt. John P. Falvo
Radio Operator: Pvt. Robert L. Looney
Flight Engineer: TSgt. Henry C. Jones 
Passenger: MSgt. Thomas L. Macintosh

Pilot: 2nd Lt. Huland K. Hunt, xxxx1951 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Lawrence H. Fox, xxxx2912
Radio Operator: Cpl. Alphonse B. Kupchun, xxxx8558
Flight Engineer: Pfc. Kenneth L. Seidel, xxxx3558

Pilot: Capt. Tom Perry, xxxx8699 –
Co-Pilot: 1st Lt. John T. Tennison, xxxx1044
Navigator: 2nd Lt. John W. Funk, xxxx4550
Radio Operator: SSgt. Alvin J. Lenox, xxxx6475
Crew Chief: Pfc. Donald A. Johnson, xxxx4567

Pilot: 2nd Lt. Robert D. Coker, xxxx4976 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Howard G. Bushey, xxxx2322
Radio Operator: Cpl. Walter A. Hynes, xxxx0046
Passenger: Capt. Alexander A. St. Clair, xxxx0815

Acting Pilot: Maj. Robert W. Fensler, xxxx7377 –
Pilot: 2nd Lt. Phillips G. Huffman, xxxx1437
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Gerald (Jerrold) E. Owens, xxxx0158
Navigator: 2nd Lt. Frederick W. Ossenfort, xxxx6923
Bombardier: 2nd Lt. Harvey M. Nix, xxxx8506
Radio Operator: TSgt. Norman H. Price, xxxx2194
Asst. Radio Operator: SSgt. Louis F. Verhaegen, xxxx8470
Flight Engineer: TSgt. Erle H. Thayer, xxxx6430
Asst. Flight Engineer: SSgt. Aubrey E. Stevenson, xxxx8940
Gunner: SSgt. Sandav E. Rivardo, xxxx6460

Pilot: 1st Lt. Allen R. Turner, xxxx6939 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Frederick W. Langhorst, xxxx0387
Radio Operator: Cpl. Robert L. McAdoo, xxxx2676
Flight Engineer: Pvt. Joseph I. Natvik, xxxx6393

Pilot: 2nd Lt. Jack Hunter, xxxx2620 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Alfred S. Hemmer, xxxx2565
Radio Operator: Sgt. Inman A. Watson, xxxx5822
Flight Engineer: SSgt. John L. Weinberg, xxxx7928

Pilot: 1st Lt. William A. Swanson, xxxx8935 –
Co-Pilot: F/O Sheldon L. Chambers, xxxxT291 
Navigator: 1st Lt. Irwin Zaetz, xxxx1661
Bombardier: 1st Lt. Robert E. Oxford, xxxx3308
Radio Operator: SSgt. Harry B. Queen, xxxx1096
Flight Engineer: SSgt. Charles D. Ginn, xxxx4114
Gunner: Sgt. Alfred H. Gerrans, Jr., xxxx5848
Gunner: Sgt. James A. Hinson, xxxx8472

Pilot: 1st Lt. John A. Deaux, xxxx0533 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Edgar L. Corbiere, xxxx8101
Radio Operator: Cpl. Paul E. Pakari, xxxx6846

Pilot: Capt. Jennings H. Mease, Sr., xxxx0874 –
Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Samuel E. Lunday, Jr., xxxx7528
Flight Engineer: Pvt. Mervyn E. Sims, xxxx0815
Navigator: 2nd Lt. James M. Jeffrey, xxxx4013
Radio Operator: SSgt. Elwood E. Stevens, xxxx4292


Gary Zaetz, age 60, is the Founder and Chairman of Families and Supporters of America’s Arunachal Missing in Action.   In 2008, he traveled to Arunachal Pradesh to visit the crash site of his World War II missing in action uncle, 1st Lt. Irwin Zaetz, a B-24 navigator serving with the American 14th Air Force.  He lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife Regina and his four children.   See the following websites for more information:

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  1. as for your c.b.i. records…got anything under the name LAWRENCE LUSTGARTEN of a b-24c 41-30154 that crashed/blew up mid air march 3, 1944. i just went through two sites of your listings: A-El and S-Z as I believe they were and found nobody attached to 41-30154

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