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Do We Care Enough? by Sybelle Foxcroft, Director of Conservation & Environmental Education 4 Life (CEE4Life)

What is the core reason for why we continue to watch species decline all over the world? Are we doing enough to protect nature and the environment? Are we truly aware of the savage destruction that is occurring around the earth which see’s vast tracts of forests destroyed for infrastructure or other human wants, that see’s species being hunted/poached to extinction, that pollutes and destroys the ocean and marine life? The list goes on and on.

Yes, there are many people who have been trying to stem the decline, but no matter what scientific, statistical facts are presented as the causes of diminishing wildlife and environment, numerous species are still plummeting to extinction, the atmosphere continues to be polluted, and the oceans continue to be used as a dumping ground. The simple fact is without our environments’ biological diversity and health there will be disastrous impacts on all life forms, including human beings.

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