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LE 2015 Jill Gocher Penang

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Photo Gallery – Penang – fabulous photographs by Jill Gocher 

This gorgeous little island, which lies just west of peninsular Malaysia, is really one of a kind. A jungled mountain interior leads down to silvery beaches and small fishing villages. Closer to the mainland, the eastern side is well developed with beaches and fancy resorts, countless condominiums, and the UNESCO World Heritage city of Georgetown.

Heritage is the buzzword in town and this town of winding roads and fabulous Straits Chinese eclectic architecture is a joy to discover. Until just a few years ago Georgetown was filled with craftsmen and Chinese families. Many have moved out leaving the houses to be lovingly recreated by their new owners.

The results are gratifyingly fabulous. Whole streets, such has Armenian Street take on a new mantle of glossiness, almost in danger of being Disneyfied but just managing to stay within the boundaries of good taste.

And speaking of taste, Penang is probably most famous for her food.

A popular topic of conversation is always where to get the best Char Kway Teow, the best Masala Dosa or Chicken Rice Porridge or Chee Kwai.

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