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Fall from grace – Adi Patell 

We Parsis have an unfortunate appetite for navel-gazing. Our heydays are over. Since then, we have witnessed a steep, steady decline in our numbers, and our wealth. The constant emotive harping on an irretrievable golden past and the bemoaning of our fall from grace, so to speak, is undignified and serves no useful purpose. This article is by way of soul-searching upon why we have fallen from grace, in a more philosophical and equimanous light.. It is by way of a journey by a lay, (neither priest nor scholar) concerned Parsi who has gradually drifted away from his faith, traditions and customs. Now, in retired life, he feels this deep, inexplicable urge to rediscover his roots.

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Adi Patell is a retired architect/interior designer. After graduating in Bombay with a B.Arch. degree, he completed a year’s post-graduation course in Development Planning at University College London. He then worked in London, on several medium-large commercial projects, for fifteen years before returning to India. He has written several short stories, to be published in the near future. Recently, he has taken to writing memoirs and essays.

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