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Exclusively for Live Encounters an excerpt from his book, Healing with Homeopathy by special permission of Dr. Mukesh Batra and Jaico Publishing House. This book was released on September 2011.

Dr. Mukesh Batra, LCEH, FSRH, (MED) P (LON), MDH (USA), FBIH (UK), is a homeopath of international repute.  He is Founder-CMD of the world’s first and largest homeopathic healthcare corporate group. Batra is a holistic healer, writer, photographer, and philanthropist. His new, cyclopedic self-help book, Healing with Homeopathy,  was published September 2011.  www.drbatras.com

01 Dr Mukesh Batra LE Mag December 2011

02 Dr Mukesh Batra LE Mag December 2011

03 Dr Mukesh Batra LE Mag December 2011

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