Arti Murti – Fighting HIV-AIDS in Bali


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Ari Murti , author of OUTCAST, in an informal chat with Mark Ulyseas.

Ari Murti is  author  of OUTCAST – from Sex-trade to HIV/AIDS, a  book of true stories. She  is  an outstanding Indonesian living in Bali and spearheading the fight against HIV/AIDS/Drugs through her charitable work as a community leader, as well as, a woman and mother. She is the face of modern Indonesia – a country that has in the last few years emerged from the shadows of the past, shedding its perceived image of a backward nation to its rightful place in a world fast becoming a global village; Education, empowerment of its citizens, burgeoning economy and more have become the anthem of this Republic.

Ari, as she prefers to be called, is the Third Chairperson of the Supreme Mosque Ibnu Batutah Foundation in Nusa Dua, Bali; a Member of MUI (Advisory Councils of Indonesian Muslim Scholars), Bali Province; Deputy Chairperson of the Haj Brotherhood Union (IPHI) of Bali; Founder and Chairperson of Association of Orphans Institution in the Archipelago (APAN); She is well known for championing women’s rights.

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