Live Encounters Magazine August 2016

“Social narratives, across minority communities, where children are brought up is fueled with fears of persecution, and the need for self-preservation and cultural preservation vis-à-vis a majority community or state that is perceived as biased towards the majority community which is different. So, for instance, the Naga movement for separate homeland has been based on the premise that Naga culture and tradition is threatened by what the Indian state stands for; a Hindu India, and hence requires independence to preserve it. Interestingly, Naga indigenous traditions as they existed, have themselves undergone massive change with the advent of Christianity propagated by the American Baptist Mission during British colonial rule. Fascinating details of how the British and the American Baptist Mission termed Naga animist culture as dark and evil to influence them to convert to Christianity has been documented in an impressive manner in the book by Tezenlo Thong.” – Dr Namrata Goswami, Author, Independent Senior Analyst, and one of the foremost Indian thinkers on long-term global trends, emerging security challenges, and scenario building.

Dr Namrata Goswami – Cover Feature – How Ethnic Identities Get Shaped
Ernie LaPointe – A Vision of the Future
Dr Benjamin Authers – A Culture of Rights
Dr Greta Sykes – Darwin for Educational Psychologists
Dr Ivo Coelho – Does Religion Have A Political Role?
Dr Lia Kent – Memory Frictions in Timor-Leste and Aceh Part II
Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray – Unscrambling the Dhaka terror strike
Mikyoung Cha – España
Ozlem Warren – Ashure
Mark Ulyseas – Abide With Me

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Cover photograph Manlam Konyak