Éamon Mag Uidhir – Three Poems

Profile Uidhuir LEP&W May 2021

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing May 2021

Éamon Mag Uidhir was born in Dublin but now lives in County Kildare. He has published poems of late in Cyphers, The Moth, Crannóg, Revival, The SHOp, The Caterpiller, College Green, Boyne Berries, Skylight47 and FLARE, and online in HeadStuffThe Galway Review, Live Encounters, Misty Mountain Review and Burning Bush II. He edited Icarus while at Trinity College during the 1970s and currently edits the narrowsheet FLARE which emanates from the Sunflower Sessions readings in The Lord Edward pub in Dublin. He was one of the writers chosen for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series readings in May 2015.

Super Blue Blood Moon

My feet knew the stairs,
the flip and flop
of sole on step,
the rise and ease,
the shift of weight,
as a milkfloat horse
plods and feeds,
stopping at paying

The blood moon
super moon
blue moon
through the window as
I reached the landing,
bright as a chilly day,
bright enough to read
a watchface by,
bright enough to jot
down a poem.

A Stream in the Galtees Makes Its Play

in your memory, my water is
clear, smooth, obstacle-free,
flowing as it will. but then,
and there, it had an ochre slick
wafting through it, with
earth-brown tadpoles and
swimming creatures with
far too many legs. grains of
fine gravel, many-coloured,
sandstone returned to sand,
glinted within it, distorted by
the flowing lens. if you were
there, and this was then, you
would wish you could reach
down and cup a palmful of
my water, and pocket it
like a pebble souvenir that
calls you back to a beach
long after you’ve gone home.

Philately Will Get You Nowhere

A furtive nod harbingers the coming
cornucopia, anticipation ardent
as the plangent thrill of the Mick McQuaid
baccy tin pinging open, and a
classmate’s swops spread over the
ink-stained desk, and the
hypnotic vista of two sinfully artful
sets of triangulars
with their brash Leeward songbirds
and the urgent wild flowers of
the Slave Coast shore; to gain
and possess these was to be
born, live and die of joy in a
single mayfly moment.

© Éamon Mag Uidhir