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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing January 2021.

Joe Kidd is a professional singer, songwriter, poet, and musician.  During Joe’s career, he has formed and fronted a number of successful bands, he has performed solo, and now he is 1/2 of the multi-award winning international folk duo, Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke.  Joe has toured across North America and Western Europe. He was inducted into the Michigan Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017.  In 2020, Joe published his first full book of poetry titled The Invisible Waterhole, a collection of spiritual and sensual verse.  The enigma that is Joe Kidd, was formed on the road hitch hiking alone in America during the 1970’s, then as a student of theology and church history at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.  Joe is a respected speech writer, and a music and film critic for a number of worldwide magazines and websites.

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listen well, the distant thunder
pressing forth a torrential rain
under siege, a new community
bows lifted high in common unity
a holy fire, a protective mother
a tempered heart to reduce the pain

let us seek not comfort, in the shadow
of the circling mystery overhead
but peace, as our justified utility
a gift of love, as nature’s nobility
we gather on this darkened meadow
to hear a new word, yet unsaid

what music this? the young ones sing
in flight, above the trampled path
to those caught dreaming on the ground
unable now to hear the sound
and in tributaries, clear and green
their capillaries’ crimson bath

the air is sweet and fertilized
another mound, a monument
what lies beneath this endless toil?
a human seed within the soil
unwritten verse, uncounted lives
a storm of history to invent

© Joe Kidd