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May Mikyoung Cha

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The Blue Village – stunning photographs of Chefchaouen, Morocco, by Mikyoung Cha

Mikyoung Cha is a graduate in Oriental Painting from Hyosung Women’s University, Daegu, South Korea. She has participated in a number of group art exhibitions in South Korea and Japan. For a number of years she assisted her husband in landscape designing and recently took up photography – the camera becoming her paint brush.

This article was first published in Live Encounters Magazine, July 2016.

1 Mikyoung Cha May 2020

2 Mikyoung Cha May 2020

3 Mikyoung Cha May 2020

4 Mikyoung Cha May 2020

5 Mikyoung Cha May 2020

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