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May Ela Gori

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Two Recipes From Minnesota by Ela Gori with photographs by Jiten Gori.

Based in the USA, Ela Gori is a widely traveled Senior Manager with global experience in medium and large corporations.  Her expertise is in strategic planning; change management, team building and resource management which has ensured stability and sustained growth for her clients.  Currently she is an Advisor to several US based companies. Additionally, Ela is passionate about the development of children starting with early childhood and into their early teens. She feels that in spite of the dedication of teachers and the major strides made to education there is still a gap between academic input and personal life. To this end she has created developmental courses to motivate children and stimulate/encourage change in their thinking and behavior.

Jitu and Jenny GoriJiten Gori (seen here with his wife, Jennifer) is Channel Manager at Ruckus Networks. Part time chef and food photographer with penchant for whacking a few balls on a tennis court! Hails from Bombay, now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When he’s not in the kitchen or tennis court, you’ll find him hiking along one of the local trails with his trusty Scottish Terrier Sir Franklin Pickles of the Scottish Highlands. If you are ever having wireless issues join the club and call Jiten for tech support…. All his friends do!

This article was first published in Live Encounters Magazine, October 2015.



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2 Ela Gori May 2020

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