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May Aryaa Naik

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People of the Good Faith – A brief history of the Parsis – Aryaa Naik 

This is the story of how Parsis came to India, as narrated in The Qeṣṣa-ye Sanjān, which is an account of the emigration of Zoroastrians from Iran to India. The year of their arrival is still contested; some believe it to be 936 CE and others, 716 CE.

This article first published in Live Encounters Magazine, February 2015.

1 Aryaa Naik May 2020

2 Aryaa Naik May 2020

3 Aryaa Naik May 2020

4 Aryaa Naik May 2020

5 Aryaa Naik May 2020

© Text Aryaa Naik/Photographs Adi Patell