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Nohutlu Sih-El Mahsi, Zucchini (courgettes) stuffed with ground meat and chickpeas, by Ozlem Warren

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And now to my recipe ….

This is a wonderful dish from Antakya (Antioch), where my roots are from, and an exciting way to cook zucchini. Traditionally, the locals in Antakya would stuff the zucchini as a whole and they would lightly brown them before cooking with the sauce. I prefer cutting the zucchini in half and lengthways and baking them; healthy, delicious and pretty to have on the plate. You can prepare this dish ahead of time and the leftovers freeze beautifully. Please save the flesh of the zucchini that you scooped out. They are delicious cooked in bulgur pilaf with zucchini. How wonderful to share the food with friends and family. Living abroad and changing locations often, cooking and sharing food have been my salvation and a wonderful way of meeting new folks, making new friends. I hope you enjoy the recipes with friends and family and give yourself and everyone the gift of good food.

Afiyet Olsun,



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