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Mantarli Gul Manti, Turkish vegetarian rose ravioli with filo pastry by Ozlem Warren.

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And now to my recipe ….

The traditional manti, Turkish dumplings or ravioli, was a central dish in the 15th century Ottoman cuisine. A very popular dish, it was cooked in imperial kitchens and was eaten by Sultan Mehmet II almost daily. This version of manti, traditionally made with “yufka”, the fresh pastry sheets, is a popular one at home. These mantis are also named as “Sosyete Mantisi” or Gul Manti / Gul Boregi, as they look like the shape of rose. Gul Manti is traditionally made with ground meat and onion filling. This is a vegetarian version, using chestnut mushrooms, onions, garlic and tomato; it is a delicious vegetarian filling. With the garlicky yoghurt and red pepper flakes infused olive oil drizzled over, these vegetarian Turkish rose raviolis (or Gul Manti/Gul Boregi) with mushroom filling make an impressive, delicious course.

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