Live Encounters Poetry & Writing January 2021

These past eleven years have been a kaleidoscopic journey, with twisted verbs gyrating to the metre of soul…the soul of poetry beautifully sketched on sign boards carefully erected in a city of emotions run riot. The poets from Albania, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, France, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam etc., have continued the relay of chants, chants of angst and joy and remembrance and forgetfulness under an ever-changing sky. Heartfelt wishes to all for a fabulous 2021. – Mark Ulyseas

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Mark Ulyseas – Poetry is…therefore I am
Richard W Halperin – Sailing to Shadows
David Ratcliffe – The Cove of Quills
Greta Sykes – The Sacred
Joe Kidd – Storm
John Grey – Nobody Home in C Minor
John Maxwell O’Brien – Haiku – Poems Pennyeach
Kathleen Mary Fallon – Brixton circa 1980
Lisa Creech Bledsoe – The Night Troll
Mary Scheurer – Confinement
Patricia Walsh – Delicate Anger
Peter O’Neill – From The Eroica Variations Part 2

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