Live Encounters Poetry Feast December 2016

I’d like to offer, as is my nature, a way of looking at poetry through a negative lens – apophatically, to employ the theological term: a form of the sculptural – discovering the desired form by removing all that it is not – per Michelangelo’s beautiful if now somewhat hackneyed “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”                               – Daniel Lawless, What is Not


Amy Barry – Colours of Life
Anton Floyd – Auguries
Breda Wall Ryan – Debut
Daniel Lawless – Guest Editorial – What is Not
David Morgan – Glimpses of Hope and Fear
Jim Burke – The Blue Bikini
Lynne Thompson – Erasure and Other Poems
Maria Miraglia – Darkness and Light
Michael Durack – Janus at Killaloe
Michael J Whelan – Holding the Road
Nasrin Parvaz – Burkini
Natalie Wood – A Living Will