Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume One December 2020

Live Encounters is celebrating its eleventh anniversary. Eleven years have passed – years of peace, turmoil and toil. And there in the midst of it all, Live Encounters has created a quiet poetic swagger and its writers have laughed, wept and had a rich platform for their work. An anniversary is an opportunity to look forward and back over our shoulder at our own creative eleven as well as casting a learning eye on the work of others. Some writers and critics will outlive us – some won’t but the quiet colours of autumn and the legacy of LE certainly will. – Terry McDonagh, Founding Contributor of Live Encounters.

LE P&W Vol One Dec 2020B

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Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial
Live Encounters Celebrates its Eleventh Anniversary

Alisa Velaj – Right at this Instant of Sunshine
Anamaría Crowe Serrano – Odds on Day One
Angela Patten – Evening Light At Oakledge
Anna Yin – Winter Solstice
Anne Casey – Hope spell
Anne M Carson – On becoming Anna Magdalena Bach
Anne McDonald – The Pomegranate Tree
Anni Wilton-Jones – Confined to Quarters
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko – A Writer’s Habit
Attracta Fahy – Decking
Barbara Crooker – New Orleans
Beatriz Copello – Maleficarum
Bernadette Gallagher – Reminders of things to do
Beth Copeland – Abandoned Nest
Betsy Mars – Providence
Cathy Altmann – Lacrimae Rerum
Charlotte Innes – The Uncertainty Principle
Claudia Serea – In The City With Tired Bones
Colette Nic Aodha – Eve
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Dried Mangoes
Denise O’Hagan – Not Your Time
Donna Prinzmetal – Mother Tongue
Eileen Casey – My Stonemasonry Heritage
Elsa Korneti – Mysteries and Fragments
Enda Coyle-Greene – Wave
Ermira Mitre Kokomani – Drinking with Charles Bukowski
Eunice Yeates – The Sun Rises in the East
Frances Browner – Exile’s Lament
Geraldine Mills – All Hallows
Hedy Habra – Discrepancies
Ilhem Issaoui – Sainte Nitouche
Ingrid Storholmen – Sorrow
Jean O’Brien – Bullion
Laura J Braverman – Darshana
Liz McSkeane – Learning to Tango
Manuela Palacios – Moroccan Sketches
Margaret Bradstock – Murramarang
Mari Maxwell – Fisherman’s Bait
Maria A Miraglia – Don’t Smile at Me
Maria Castro Dominguez – Widow
Maria Wallace – Evening witchery
Marion May Campbell – Afterlife
Mary Melvin Geoghegan –Moments That Do Not Last
Moyra Donaldson – In The Movie
Natasha Remoundou – An Intervention
Nessa O’Mahony – Low and level
Niamh Byrne – Mercy
Orla Fay – Mother of Pearl
Patricia Sykes – Meridian
Perie Longo – Hummingbird Late Night
Pippa Little – The Cupboard
Polly Richardson – Paused
Robbi Nester – Permanent Records
Robyn Rowland – Operation Unclarified
Roisín Browne – Relinquished
Rosemary Jenkinson – My Modest Proposal
Sandra Yannone – Crevasse
Sinéad McClure – Fox
Susan Azar Porterfield – Two Poems
Susan Condon – Wonderful Tonight
Susan Millar DuMars – Lenore
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – Laughing Scarecrow People
Tobi Alfier – Summer Storm Fragment
Torie Cooper – The Camp
Tracy Gaughan – Little Red Suitcase
Vanda Petanjek – Velasquez
Vivian Bolognani – Splendid
Wiltrud Dull – Shadow Bloomers

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