Live Encounters Poetry Gathering December 2016

Christmas always returns home to a state of childhood. It is the enduring vitality of childhood that comes alive each year. It creates wonderment and rescues us from the darkness of winter. Christmas offers light, hope and peace of mind.  It is a homecoming to a deeper sense of ourselves. – Noel Monahan, Finding a way Home for Christmas


Anni Wilton-Jones – Phoenix
Brian Kirk – Gifts
Eileen Sheehan – Elements from the Liminal
Geraldine Mills – Two Poems
Heather Brett – Windows Publications Call for Submissions
Hélène Cardona – Other Worlds
Ian Watson – The Voice of German…
John W Sexton – Channelling the Dead…
John Walsh – Chopping Wood (2)
Lynda Tavakoli – Shadow and Light
Mary Melvin Geohegan – A Rib from a Stone Vault
Noel Monahan – Guest Editorial – Finding a way Home for Christmas