Live Encounters Magazine Mar Apr 2010

Live Encounters Magazine March-April 2010

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Special Report on Christians of Palasari, West Bali, Mark Ulyseas
Humanity vs. Chevron, A special report by Daniel Herriges,
Dying Traditons by Randhir Khare,
Human Rights Activist for tribals in India

Fast tracking with Carmen Roberts, BBC,
It’s just me, and my small camera

Henry Miller in Bali by Mark Ulyseas
Terry McDonagh Irish poet and dramatist, poetic dribbling
Hip Hop Nomad in Manila,
Morganics is offered a machine-gun to shoot a cow

Interview, A Balinese school teacher
speaks to Mark Ulyseas on surviving life

Language Matters by Audrey Lamou explores the linguistic situation in Indonesia
Poetry by John Chester Lewis, a young poet from Ubud
Bobby Chinn, Thermo regulator & rat tails
from the Master Chef & celebrity

Robin Marchesi reflects on Ibiza
Mayan Time Cycles by Vasumi Vijkaa 
Late Writers & Readers Festival Ubud
D H Lawrence discusses Lady Chatterley’s Lover with Mark Ulyseas
Live Encounter Interview with Adib Hidayat,
Managing Editor of RollingStone Magazine, Jakarta, 

and an encounter with Onedollarformusic in Bali