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Halloween at LCC – Poems by students from Dublin

Young Poets from Dublin

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Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers December 2020.

The following poems have been written by students aged between 12 yrs and 13 years,
of Coláiste naTulchain, Dublin 15.

By Orin

Haunted halls,
Infested walls,
Filled with children’s desperate calls

Revolting bathrooms,
Gruesome classrooms,
What hidden horrors lurk in the gloom?

Carnivorous creatures,
They call them ‘teachers’,
Feast on the flesh of boys and girls

Kids disappear,
Every year,
Made-up excuses to quell our fear

They end up dead,
On a platter, their head,
The monsters’ mouths, with blood run red

I hope you heed,
This warning creed,
Watch out! Or you might get ‘LCC-ed!’

By Kush

Halloween is finally here
Voices fill the halls with fear
Monsters hide behind  each door
Waiting to feast on children galore

If you go to LCC
You’ll never make it 10 past 3
It’s day but a full moon still shines bright
And in every shadow lurks a gruesome sight

Ghosts and ghouls roam the halls
Their voices wail and chant and call
Gory faces riddled with holes
Husky remains of tortured souls

By Claire

Goop, goo, gunk and grime
Shocking, sickening, slippery slime
Come with me and you shall see
A hideous school called LCC
Sloping staircases, filthy floors
What horrors lurk behind these doors
Of the boys’ toilets you dare to peak
The blood dripping walls will make you shriek!
There is a plague within these walls
Where pestilent ghouls infest the halls
Goop, goo, gunk and grime
Shocking, sickening, slippery slime
There you have it, now you see
You’ll never come back to LCC

By Sarah

Through the door and down the halls,
Is where you hear the children’s calls,
They cry and scream as loud as can be,
Kneeling and shouting as they plea.
It was on this day many years ago,
A first year went and burned his gateaux,
The whole Home Ec kitchen went ablaze,
Leaving everyone inside a smoky haze.
That day forever haunts those who’ve left LCC,
and the Home Ec room is still a pile of debris.

By Katie

It’s Halloween in LCC
In costumes are my class and me
As sassy sixth years toss their hair
They literally do not give a care

And as I go to my English room
A shadow moves just by that broom
I brush it off, it’s just the wind
If only I know what danger I’m in

I realise the teacher’s not yet here
“Where’s Mr. Craven?” I ask my peers
Rachel shrugs “He’s probably late”
“It’s happened in many classes to date”

After 10 minutes my patience is low
Yet our English teacher is still no-show!
Then Lorcán leaps from his chair with a shout

We stare at the blood and everyone pales
“IT ATE THE TEACHER!” Eimear wails
“Nah that’s impossible!” Manus replies
As the skeleton watches with hollow eyes
“We should find a teacher” Ailbhe mumbles
“It’s just a dumb joke!” Cormac grumbles

No one seems to agree on a choice
But then the skeleton raises his voice…
“Yes I ate your English Master
Getting caught would have been a disaster
But nosy you children had to be”
He growls as he points a finger at me
“So now that you’ve all figured it out”
He raises his voice and begins to shout
As he detaches himself from the wall
“I guess I’ll have to eat you all ”

By Saoirse

I walk to the school
With grey walls and dull uniforms

The site of the teachers is frightening,
they will eat you with just one bite

Beware, beware for the teacher is near
They will drown you in the paperwork of their fear

© Halloween at LLC.