2020 LE P&W

01 JANUARY P&W 2020

Alfred Corn – Lilith
Amy Louise Wyatt – Remembering You
Bejan Matur – Sürgün
Chris Mooney-Singh – The Rotary Clothes Hoist
John W Sexton – Small Change from the Myth Kitty
Jordan Smith – Interiors – Guest Editorial and Poems
Nina Kossman – Empty Rock
Omar Pérez – Make it look like an accident
Robert Shanahan – Voices
Sarah McCann – Lost Children Tankas
Terry McDonagh – Hamburg is more than city
Vanda Petanjek – Mila


02 FEBRUARY P&W 2020

Daragh Byrne – Wedded to Fate
David Rigsbee – Guest Editorial – On “The Abduction”
and First Meeting Stanley Kunitz

Denise O’Hagan – Matters of the Heart
Dirk van Nouhuys – Three Writers
Jim Ward – Eternal Flame
John W Sexton – 3 Penny Space Operas
Laura J Braverman – Lifeblood
Linda Adair – Word Play Love
Peter O’Neill – The Misanthrope
Rachel Coventry – On The Possibility of a Love Poem In The Age of Tinder
Randhir Khare – In the Dark Corolla of Your Body
Richard Krawiec – Inevitable



Ayaan Syed – When I was a Dinosaur
Collaboration – Shiny Fish Adventure
Devyani Kalmadi – Sunshine Morning
Falaq Dhorajiwala – Terror on the Terrace
Kaavin Arora – Little Nightmares
Nishita Bakshi – Reflection of a Pink Sky
Randhir Khare – Guest Editorial
The Power of the New

Siddarth Mathkar – Lost in Light
Zahabiya Godhrawala – If I were a River of Dreams
Zoya Dhorajiwala – A Play
The Girl Who Talked To Angels


03 MARCH P&W 2020

Amy Barry – Passport
Bob Shakeshaft – Dust
Elsa Korneti – A Superfluous Truth
Geoff Callard – Barnes Bridge
Greta Sykes – Boadicea’s mound on Hampstead Heath
John W Sexton – Visions at Templeglantine
Kate Ennals – The Grand Scheme of Things
Ledia Dushi – What Comes From the Waters
Polly Richardson – Inside Out
Robert Fairhead reviews Jerome and His Women by Joan O’Hagan
Roisín Browne – Mámeán
Susan Azar Porterfield – Still Of The Tongue


04 APRIL P&W 2020

Anamaría Crowe Serrano – Excerpts From a Novel
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko – La Vie en Rouge
Brendan McCormack – Unspoken Place
Carolina Medina – Capitula Once – Chapter Eleven
Christine Murray – Poetic Practice
Daniel Wade – The Long Watch
David Rigsbee – Canto XXXI
Éamon Mag Uidhir – Two Epigrams of Martial
Enda Coyle Greene – Continua
Fred Johnston – Words and Music
Jim Ferguson – Serenade
Linda Ibbotson – Bargemusic – Brooklyn
Michael J Whelan – Landscapes of Conflict
Conflicted Landscapes

Michael S Begnal – Many Mantises
Mick Corrigan – Wild Sleepless Nights
Osama Esber – Fermentation
Peter O’Neill – Guest Editorial – Reference Points
Peter Sheekey – The Intercultural Storytelling Project
Rob Buchanan – Sixth Seal
Silva Zanoyan Merjanian – Judgement
Souzan Ali – At The End of The City
Yan Kouton – Vision


05 May P&W 2020

Angela Patten – After the Storm
Christophe Bregaint – Two Poems
Daniel Lusk – The Tablecloth is White
Ilhem Issaoui – Ephemeral
John W Sexton – The Starlight Oven
Ndue Ukaj – Let us make the world better
Peter O’Neill – Middle Age
Rob Buchanan – Hurting God
Robert Shanahan – Rome
Terry McDonagh – Silent Orders
Terry Wheeler – Virus: Notes to Self
Tracy Gaughan – What Eurydice Really Said


06 JUNE P&W 2020

Alan Walowitz – Meeting By The River
Ana Luísa Amaral – Marcações
Anne Fitzgerald – Study in Grey
Antony Owen – Cyrille Regis
Attracta Fahy – Monologue To The Demented
Barbara Crooker – Love In These Dangerous Times
Betsy Mars – The Parable Of The Vinegar
Breda Wall Ryan – Persephone
Christopher Merrill – Flare
David Graham – Rural Poetry
David Rigsbee – The Innocence
Deirdre Hines – Parables
Edward O’Dwyer – A Short Story
Eithne Lannon – Sing The Body
Elsa Korneti – Imperfect Perfection
Graham Allen – No Rainbows Here
Haris Vlavianos – Self-Portrait of Whiteness
Jack Grady – Always Watching
Jean O’Brien – The Wind Blows Through
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt V
John Sibley Williams – Flat Earther
Maeve McKenna – Three Courses For The Hungry
Martin Hayes – The Forgotten Neighbour
Mary O’Donnell – The Stolen
Maurice Devitt – Black Apples
Michael Farry – Hand Washing
Michael Minassian – Dressing The Buddha
Moyra Donaldson – Dreams In The Week Before
Natasha Remoundou – Ode To Caffeine
Orla Fay – Clothes Pegs
Owen Gallagher – The Inn To Heaven
Philip Gross – A Change In The Weather
Pippa Little – The Coffin Club
Rob Childers – Shuffle Back
Robyn Rowland – Fisher of Poets
S Roderick Roxas-Chua – The Sky On The Tip of Their Oars
Sacha  Hutchinson – Black
Scott Thomas Outlar – Of Escalations and Endgames
Silje Ree – A Series of Thoughts During Lockdown
Sinéad McClure – Moths
Susan Millar DuMars – Bruise
Sven Kretzschmar – Masks
Terry McDonagh – A Love Song
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – Spring of 2020
Tim Cumming – Queue
Yuyutsu Sharma – On An Empty Sac Street


07 JULY P&W 2020

Anna Yin – A Pardon To My Bones
Anne McDonald – Blue Bells And High Horses
Bobbie Sparrow – Selves In The Rushes
Brid Connolly – The Fourteenth Lock
Dianne Alvine – Pale Blue Dot
Dorie LaRue – on ‘Aloysius the Great’
by John Maxwell O’Brien

Fred Johnston – Siege Mentality
Geraldine Mills – Corona Cinquain Sequence
Joe Cottonwood – A Feral Calico Cat
John Grey – Shooting Star
John W Sexton and Richard Magahiz – A Collaboration
Kieran Beville – Bazaar
Manuela Palacios – Wet Nurse
Martin Hayes – Foxconn Suicide Watch
Martin Willitts Jr – Wait
Robbi Nester – A Gift of Words


08 AUGUST P&W 2020

Anton Floyd – Ubuntu in a West Cork Garden
Božidar Vasiljević – Predah
Danijela Trajković – Rabl
Fergus Hogan – In Vino Veritas
Hélène Cardona – Translation of three poems
from ‘The Abduction’ by Maram Al-Masri

Jim Burke – The Steak Knife of Despair
Joachim Matschoss – After Social Distancing
Margaret O’Driscoll – Just Passing Through
Maria Wallace – Museum Whispers
Peter O’Neill – The Kiss
Ray Whitaker – Covid One Niner Alpha


10 OCTOBER P&W 2020

Anni Wilton-Jones – Flash Fiction
Gordon Meade – Tehuantepec Jackrabbit
Indran Amirthanayagam – The Artist’s Role
John L Stanizzi – The Fallen Leaves – II
John Liddy – Two Views From The Banks of The River Haihe
John W Sexton – Tales from Aether Earth
Martin Willitts Jr – This is What Happened Next
Matt Mooney – L’Esprit de Vie
Peter O’Neill – Two Sonnets From Henry Street Arcade
Translated into French by Yan Kouton

Robert Shanahan – The Shaping Of A Turtle Shell
Sandra Nguyen – The Lone Wolf
Sarah M Brownsberger – Property in a Lava Field
Vivian Bolognani – Where We Walk


12 Dec P&W Vol One 2020

Alisa Velaj – Right at this Instant of Sunshine
Anamaría Crowe Serrano – Odds on Day One
Angela Patten – Evening Light At Oakledge
Anna Yin – Winter Solstice
Anne Casey – Hope spell
Anne M Carson – On becoming Anna Magdalena Bach
Anne McDonald – The Pomegranate Tree
Anni Wilton-Jones – Confined to Quarters
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko – A Writer’s Habit
Attracta Fahy – Decking
Barbara Crooker – New Orleans
Beatriz Copello – Maleficarum
Bernadette Gallagher – Reminders of things to do
Beth Copeland – Abandoned Nest
Betsy Mars – Providence
Cathy Altmann – Lacrimae Rerum
Charlotte Innes – The Uncertainty Principle
Claudia Serea – In The City With Tired Bones
Colette Nic Aodha – Eve
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Dried Mangoes
Denise O’Hagan – Not Your Time
Donna Prinzmetal – Mother Tongue
Eileen Casey – My Stonemasonry Heritage
Elsa Korneti – Mysteries and Fragments
Enda Coyle-Greene – Wave
Ermira Mitre Kokomani – Drinking with Charles Bukowski
Eunice Yeates – The Sun Rises in the East
Frances Browner – Exile’s Lament
Geraldine Mills – All Hallows
Hedy Habra – Discrepancies
Ilhem Issaoui – Sainte Nitouche
Ingrid Storholmen – Sorrow
Jean O’Brien – Bullion
Laura J Braverman – Darshana
Liz McSkeane – Learning to Tango
Manuela Palacios – Moroccan Sketches
Margaret Bradstock – Murramarang
Mari Maxwell – Fisherman’s Bait
Maria A Miraglia – Don’t Smile at Me
Maria Castro Dominguez – Widow
Maria Wallace – Evening witchery
Marion May Campbell – Afterlife
Mary Melvin Geoghegan -Moments That Do Not Last
Moyra Donaldson – In The Movie
Natasha Remoundou – An Intervention
Nessa O’Mahony – Low and level
Niamh Byrne – Mercy
Orla Fay – Mother of Pearl
Patricia Sykes – Meridian
Perie Longo – Hummingbird Late Night
Pippa Little – The Cupboard
Polly Richardson – Paused
Robbi Nester – Permanent Records
Robyn Rowland – Operation Unclarified
Roisín Browne – Relinquished
Rosemary Jenkinson – My Modest Proposal
Sandra Yannone – Crevasse
Sinéad McClure – Fox
Susan Azar Porterfield – Two Poems
Susan Condon – Wonderful Tonight
Susan Millar DuMars – Lenore
Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial
Live Encounters Celebrates its Eleventh Anniversary

Theresa Griffin Kennedy – Laughing Scarecrow People
Tobi Alfier – Summer Storm Fragment
Torie Cooper – The Camp
Tracy Gaughan – Little Red Suitcase
Vanda Petanjek – Velasquez
Vivian Bolognani – Splendid
Wiltrud Dull – Shadow Bloomers


12 Dec P&W Vol Two 2020

Alan Walowitz – Ars Poetica
Alex Skovron – If Words Could Speak
Alfred Corn – Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
Anton Floyd – Unseeable Distances
Arthur Broomfield – The Night The Music Died
Bob Shakeshaft – Na Beanna Beola
Brian Kirk – Freedom in Constraint
Chad Norman – A Fawn’s Stare
Chris Mooney-Singh – Dispatches to the Emperor
Daniel Lusk – Asp of Jerusalem
David Graham – Everyone in America
David Rigsbee – Carapace
Dirk van Nouhuys – A Visit from an Old Flame
Eamonn Lynskey – Black Rat Replies
Edward O’Dwyer – The Tableaux of Marriage
Fred Johnston – The Nature of Violence
Gordon Meade – Cod
Graham Allen – On Not Being Wordsworth
Haris Vlavianos – A White Brushstroke
Indran Amirthanayagam – A Letter to the South
Jack Grady – Bathsheba Spooner
Confronts the Fatal Cord

James Walton – Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Jim Burke – The Walk
Joachim Matschoss – Clusters of Time
Joe Cottonwood – Arrival, SFO
John Grey – A Reading In The Village
John Liddy – Arias Of Consolation
John Maxwell O’Brien – Haiku – A Baker’s Dozen
John Sibley Williams – Turbulence
Jordan Smith – An Education
Kevin Higgins – Diary of an Absurdist
Kieran Beville – High Tower
M L Williams – Late Again
Mary O’Donnell – Guest Editorial
The House of the Now:
poetics of the Giant Wire Brush

Matt Mooney – Winterman
Maurice Devitt – A Rehearsal for Winter
Michael Corrigan – Mary From Magdala
Michael Durack – Tidings
Michael Farry – Whins
Michael J Whelan – The Long Hours Await the Sentry
Michael Minassian – A Chill In The Air
Niall Cahir – Winter’s Gates
Noel Duffy – The Crossing
Noel Monahan – Linus
Omar Pérez – I am Not a Buddha
Osama Esber – Th Five Rivers of Hell
Paul Casey – Metagainst
Peter O’Neill – From The Eroica Variations
Phil Lynch – Mission Statement
Philip Gross – Nerve
Randhir Khare – Litany of Rain
Richard Krawiec – Journey
Rob Childers – Gull Day
Robert Shanahan – Grand Romance
Ruairí de Barra – In the Low Valley
Scott Thomas Outlar – Fever
Sven Kretzschmar – Saltwater
Thomas McCarthy – Masks
Tim Cumming – Chancery Lane Working
Tim Dwyer – Sailing Back
Yuyutsu Sharma – In God’s Messy Workplace


2020 December Young P&W 2020

Eileen Casey – Guest Editorial
Fluctuations between Light and Dark

Four young poets from Melbourne
Halloween at LCC – Poems by students from Dublin