12 DEC P&W Vol Two 2018

Alex Skovron – Prone Gulch
Anne M Carson – Back from the Brink
Arthur Broomfield – The Lifeguard
Brian Kirk – Different Trains
Diane Fahey – Anniversary Visit
Elena Karina Byrne – Underground
Hedy Habra – Meditations Over The Eye of Horus
Ian C Smith – To My Sons
Ingrid Storholmen -Earth Word
James Martyn Joyce – No Pyramid Rising
Jim Burke – Concealing Truths
Joachim Matschoss – Shanghai Street Fugue
John W Sexton – The Dead, The Undying
Julia Deakin – Manna
Kenneth Nolan – The Trip Away
Lynda Tavakoli – Under Wraps
Lynne Thompson – Yang Fuxi Practices
Maria Miraglia – In The Silence
Nasim Basiri – A Forced Departure
Nasrin Parvaz – Walls
Noel Duffy – Closer Than Coldness
Noel Monahan – Aphrodite in the Snow
Owen Gallagher – The Boy Who Swam In The Sky
Randhir Khare – What poetry means to me
Richard Jarrette – It is Never Finished
Ruairí de Barra – Tibnin Bridge
Susan Condon – The Singer
Tobi Alfier – Always Moving