12 DECEMBER P&W 2017

Alex Skovron – Motherboard
Anton Floyd – Samsara
Arthur Kayzakian – Heroes
Bernadette Gallagher – Walls of Bones
Caley O’Dwyer – Splitting Up
Colette Nic Aodha – Secret Dreams
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Unblues This Passport
David Graham – Sand Against The Wind
David Morgan – Moods Dark And Light
Dr Greta Sykes – A Song For Loess
Geraldine Mills – A Home Coming
Hongri Yuan – Scriptures
Jack Grady – Resurrection
James Martyn Joyce – Furey
Jane Williams – Climate Control
M L Williams – Ramadan Christmas
Mark Ulyseas – Editorial – Custodians of Fate
Nasrin Parvaz – Night
Richard James Allen – The Rebirth of Doubt
Susan Condon – Photograph of a Stranger
Terry McDonagh – Time Capsules
Doreen Duffy – Tattoo

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