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Live Encounters celebrates its 14th anniversary in December 2023.

As part of the celebrations we are publishing a number of editions of Live Encounters Magazine, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers and a special edition to honour Emma Barone, Irish artist, who has contributed the cover artworks since 2017.

LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  Extended to 10th October, 2023.

The guest editorials for the various editions are by Terry McDonagh (Irish founding contributor), Mary O’Donnell (Irish poet, author, teacher), David Rigsbee (American poet, contributing editor, regular book reviewer), Carolyne Wright (American poet), Thomas McCarthy (Irish poet, novelist, critic), Mark Tredinnick (Australian poet, essayist), Eileen Casey (Irish poet, fiction writer, journalist), Dr. (Father) Ivo Coelho (Indian philosopher, priest) and Dr. Cauvery Ganapathy (Indian  strategic affairs analyst).

In 2009, Mark Ulyseas created Live Encounters Magazine, in Bali, Indonesia. It is a not for profit (adfree) free online magazine featuring leading academics, writers, poets, activists of all hues etc. from around the world. March 2016 saw the launch of its sister publication Live Encounters Poetrywhich was relaunched as Live Encounters Poetry & Writing in March 2017. The third publication, LE Children Poetry & Writingwas released in January 2019. The fourth publication, Live Encounters Bookswas released in August 2020.

Since its inception Live Encounters has published poets, writers, philosophers, strategic affairs analysts, photographers, artists et al from the brains trust of humanity from over thirty countries.

Knowledge is power and empowerment. Therefore, it must be free and shared freely to empower all.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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