Joe Kidd – Love

Kidd LE P&W July 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing July 2024

Love, poem by Joe Kidd.


Even when its hard to love, love with all that you might render
for this is what the world will see when you are no longer
hear to speak of all the love you had to share
but held within despite the pain of carrying such a burden alone
with all beloved souls aligned and caressing a common grief.

Born to grow with a heart of gold and diamonds that fall
from ruby lips, given every treasured smile, every accolade and praise
until a tear became a flood to wash away the haunting fear
that someone may not wish to hear the sound of love between
two worlds.

A castle filled with silver tongues beyond the limits of naked eyes
beneath the roar of glorious fury, thoughts erupting and spilling out
into the molten mind of destiny, a hand that clutches all that moves
and dwells upon volcanic soil to breed and sing and disappear.

Let it be to happen in peace, this fate awaits all men of honor
to clear the path and plant the seed for a future that blindly
follows suit, and remember every act that never happened
all the words that could not be spoken, then love them all
as the book is written the pages turned and the cover closed.

The blood that flows into the chalice, the sacrifice that all
surrender, its value in a limitless realm is all the proof
that nature needs to find its twin, the super child that lies within
the mirrored shade of one who knows beyond all faith and all belief
when flesh and bone falls and the spirit calls, it is love that will rise
to answer all.

© Joe Kidd

Joe Kidd is a working, award winning, poet/songwriter from Detroit.  In 2020, published The Invisible Waterhole, a collection of spiritual and sensual verse.  Awarded by the Michigan Governor’s Office and the United States House of Representatives.  Joe is the current Beat Poet Laureate State of Michigan, and Official Poet of the Government of Birland North Africa.  He holds an Honorary Doctorate from International Union Peace Federation.  With partner Sheila Burke he has toured Europe, North America, & Caribbean Islands, featured in international anthologies, magazines, websites, festivals with personal appearances in 33 states and 14 countries.  Joe is a member of National & International Beat Poet Foundation, 100 Thousand Poets For Change, Society of Classical Poets, Michigan Rock & Roll Legends Hall Of Fame, much more. Author Page:

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