Wiltrud Dull – Fantasies

Wiltrud Dull LEP&W V4 Dec 2022

Download PDF Here 13th Anniversary
Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Four December 2022.

Fantasies, poem by Wiltrud Dull. 

Ukrainian, Irish, German Fantasies

Believe me, I want to write a witty thingy to force a smile on everyone’s face.
But the writing on the wall is dire.

Solar powered tanks and electric military jeeps, rambling through enemy territory invade my mind. Queuing at charging points, enemy soldiers swap cigarettes and pics of their girls. What the hell is all this about!

A sky, closed to all military planes and drones, patrolled by virtual angels (Elon Musk, you hear?), sparks the world’s largest ceiling fresco, painted by Tiepolo to life.

Just another contrived fantasy while I sip my beloved Irish Coffee, remembering this piece of art in my German birth town. This enormous fresco was rescued for the world from obliteration during the second World War. Ukrainian people try to save their treasures at this moment.

Rapid fire news shoot from the radio and TV, helplessly I cry. Nothing funny.

I read, that I possess tremendous power to make my life miserable or joyous.

Herr Goethe, really? Tremendous, isn’t that Trump’s beloved choice of words.

The atmosphere around me in my comfortable chair gets explosive. In two years we could see him return—on top. We could be squeezed from both sides.

I open the front door, listen into the dark, any planes above?

A glorious star-studded sky. I never make out the Zodiac signs. I am sure it’s written in the stars—the answer to all our troubles. I seem not to have any tremendous power though.

At least I smile now.

© Wiltrud Dull

Wiltrud Dull was born in Germany 1954, she lives in Woodford, Co. Galway since 1980. Daily life with all emotions, impressions, and experiences are her subjects. It does her good to get stuff on paper. Since many years she is a member of the”PortumnaPenPushers” a wonderful writers group. Her poems are published in:  Baffle Poetry Collections, Baffle Chap book 2018, Maple Leaves Anthology 2005, The Blue Max Review 2015, Boyne Berries 2015 and 2018, SiarSceal “Anthology- Centenary in Reflection 1916”, and anthologies 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Live Encounters Poetry Anthology Dec. 2020, 2021. Shorelines arts festival 2018- Pens to Lens project. Bangor poetry competition –handwritten and ornamented display.

Her poem “ Würzburg 16th of March 2015” was set to piano and soprano by contemporary music composer  Derek Ball. She has read her poems on Scariff Bay Radio and local community radio Loughrea. Shorelines Arts Festival 2021 – bobbins and pens, “only for this”project,  photos interpreted by poems. Shorelines Arts Festival 2022- writing 3 pieces for the” In Focus” exhibition in Portumna Castle- interpretation of 3 photos by photographer Brenda Lawlor.

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