Anni Wilton-Jones – Beachcomber

Anni Wilton Jones LE Mag V2 Dec 2022

Download PDF Here  13th Anniversary
Live Encounters Magazine Volume Two December 2022.

Beachcomber, photographs by Anni-Wilton Jones.

The collection entitled Beachcomber is of photographs, which are taken on or beside the shore in the West of Ireland and which focus on the less-usually considered aspects of the everyday items and views of the coast.

01 Anni Jones LEMag V2 Dec 2022

02 Anni Jones LEMag V2 Dec 2022

03 Anni Jones LEMag V2 Dec 2022

04 Anni Jones LEMag V2 Dec 2022

05 Anni Jones LEMag V2 Dec 2022

© Anni-Wilton Jones

Anni Wilton-Jones lives in Co Mayo, in Ireland, and specialises in photographing birds, land- & water-scapes and unusual details. She was commissioned by the SiarScéal Festival 2019 to produce a series of thirty photographs and poems for use in the children’s workshops.

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