Live Encounters Magazine September 2019

And so the men decided to accept once and for all that they needed these women; they constantly wore an expression of yearning, as though begging, “Please protect me, I’m all alone and I can’t find anyone. I think the world’s forgotten me and love has forsaken me forever.” The women had their pick of the men and never gave a thought to marriage, only to having a good time enjoying wild, intense sex. When it came to the important things, and even the most superficial and irrelevant, they had the last word. – Paulo Coelho, Hippie.

Live Encounters Magazine September 2019

Paulo Coelho – An Excerpt from Hippie 
Mark Ulyseas – The Poet
Wolfgang Widmoser – Water Drops
Dr Howard Richards – A Simple Path
Dr Margi Prideaux – Book review No Entry by Gila Green
Donna Mulvenna – Book review To Follow Elephants by Rick Hodges
Jill Gocher – Composites
Mikyoung Cha – Beliye Nochi
Nina Kossman – We All Became Wind
Ozlem Warren – Gaziantep Cuisine Bulgur Meatballs

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