Live Encounters Magazine April 2016

India’s approach to foreign policy and international relations has evolved over the years, tracing its roots to ideas of non-alignment, strategic autonomy to strategic engagement. From being sceptical of forming any kind of close partnership with global super powers like the U.S. during the cold war, in 2015, India and the U.S. signed the ‘India-U.S. Delhi Declaration of Friendship’ committing to a long term close relationship. This was followed by the “U.S.-India Joint Strategic Vision for Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean Region”, which pledged to promote peace and prosperity, economic development and connectivity including freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.- Dr Namrata Goswami, Author,
Independent Senior Analyst, and one of the foremost Indian thinkers on long-term global trends, emerging security challenges, and scenario building.

Live Encounters Magazine April 2016

Dr Greta Sykes – Andromache for Psychologists
Tom Kilcourse – Events
Dr Ivo Coelho – Humility and the Ego
Dr Namrata Goswami – India’s Approach to Asia
Dr Shanthie D’Souza – Online Radicalisation
Mariana Assis – Save Brazil’s Democracy sign this petition
Mark Chaves – Photographs of Bhutan
Ozlem Warren – From her Turkish Table and Forever Biz!
Safdar Sial – Pakistani-Afghan relations
Shane Chalmers – An Independence Framework
Thomas Brown – Refugees in Indonesia
Mark Ulyseas – Before the Cloud

Live Encounters Magazine April 2016l

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