Live Encounters Poetry April 2016

Poetry makes nothing happen,” wrote Auden in his poem “In Memory Of W.B.Yeats”. I’m not too sure about that! What did Mr. Auden expect poetry to do? He called it “a way of saying, a mouth”. Poetry is more than that. Poetry heals, poetry is our exultation, our praise, our expression of love, our expression of anger, grief, it helps us excavate ourselves, gives us wings, scales and tails like fish, fangs like snakes, makes us children, takes us into a hall of mirrors where we lose ourselves in otherness. Anna Akhmatova wrote to poetry, ‘fame swam like a swan through the golden mist – but you love, were always my despair.
Randhir Khare, award winning Indian Poet, Writer & Playwright

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Randhir Khare –  Guest Editorial – Poetry is…
Terry McDonagh – ECHOLOCATION – Poems for Young People 
Colette Nic Aodha – New Unpublished Poems
Noel Monahan – New Poems
Eileen Casey – Selected Poems
Doreen Duffy – The Hands of Time
Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Then the Staircase Beckons
Ian Watson – Hit And Run – New Poems
Jim Burke – Text
Noel King –  Selected Poems
Ingrid Storholmen – In Praise of Love
Elizabeth Harrop – Instead being Human is You

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