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Patient First. Illness Next. – Dr Mukesh Batra, LCEH, FSRH (MED) P (LOND), MDH (USA), FBIH (UK), a homeopath of international repute, is Founder-Chairman, Dr Batra’s Group.

In a career spanning four decades, Dr Batra has treated thousands of patients, including presidents and prime ministers, and revolutionised the way homeopathy is practiced today. A writer, photographer, singer and philanthropist, Dr Batra has been honoured with several fellowships and over 50 national and international awards, including the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards, by the President of India. He has authored several books too, including the critically-acclaimed cyclopedic work, Healing with Homeopathy. He lives in Mumbai, India.


Homeopathy stimulates our natural healing processes by the use of micro-dosage medicines that closely match the specific, unique manner in which each of us responds to illnesses that we present with. It also suggests that symptoms are the body’s warning signs and failed attempts to restore balance, harmony, health and well-being.

Homeopathy takes each of them into consideration to select the closest remedy that will, for the most part, fit the symptom-picture of the homeopathic remedy that can ‘cause’ the same condition in health, while desensitising the given individual’s susceptibility, or response, to the allergen, for instance, associated with allergy — or, creating an internal environment that the pathogen would find detrimental to its existence or replication.

Picture this. Individuals having allergy present with a range of ‘conflicting’ symptoms. Their associated characteristics also vary in several ways, including the type of sneezing, the form of skin eruption, if any, or food allergy, what gives relief, or what aggravates the condition. Some individuals with allergy may have a burning sensation, or fiery red rash, but would possibly desire, or feel better by, warmth — perhaps, a steaming cup of coffee!

Is this not a contradiction — an individual-specific response? This is what homeopathy aims at and treats with a patient-centric perspective. From the homeopathic standpoint, 15-20 different individuals with allergy may need as many homeopathic remedies — to treat the specific, characteristic reaction that their body produces, albeit the name of the illness, or clinical diagnosis, may be the same.


Eating refined foods is now a ‘trendy’ statement. It has replaced wholesome, nutritious foods in most homes. In addition, conventional medicines — including mood-enhancing and other drugs — or, ‘pop a pill for every ill’ are a regular part of our cultural mosaic. They have changed our response to both internal and external stimuli. If one does not ‘pump’ the body with fast- or junk-food, salt and sugar, our body would be in fine shape, or fit. Even when illness strikes, you will be able to ‘turn it around’ quickly with a suitable homeopathic remedy that provides the natural, corrective action to overcome the illness.

A sedentary lifestyle, excess stress, and lack of exercise also have a bearing on health. A sound body in a sound mind, or a fit body in a fit mind, is just as essential for health and well-being as healthy and balanced diet.

When our body is strong, and in top gear, certain health problems which, otherwise, affect us the most are foreign to us and also our system. It is for this reason that the endocrine system becomes strong. Homeopathy enables us to achieve this state, naturally.

When we reach this level of health, we can naturally and independently take care of our daily stresses, or ups and downs in our health, by our own selves — without long-term medicinal help. All of us would do well to attain this level of optimal health. However, this may sound like a fairy tale — thanks to our hugely stressful and polluted world. But, let’s not give up trying. One practical mode of doing this is by way of professional homeopathic treatment when health issues, or illness, strike or raise questions.


Sheila (24), a software engineer, suffered from dust allergy since age ten. This used to turn worse whenever she would ‘dust’ the furniture, bookshelf, or bedding. Her primary symptoms, soon after exposure to dust, were incessant sneezing, with watery discharge from the nose. As a result, the skin under her nose would turn angry red, along with a sore feeling. It, would also, at times, feel stuffy, especially at night. We prescribed her Pothos Foetidus, a homeopathic remedy made from rotten cucumber, which is extremely useful for dust allergy and other symptoms that Sheila presented with. Her allergic tendency eased substantially within a span of 5-6 months. The curative outcome: homeopathic treatment desensitised her to the allergen (dust).


When you are ill, your illness has its own unique pattern of symptoms. You often tend to get illnesses that result from a particular pattern of imbalance with your body’s workings — one that is unique to your personal temperament and external factors. Homeopathy treats the patient; it does not just limit its treatment to the diagnosis of an illness in isolation.

Besides, the interesting fact is — people with the same illness, or diagnosis, would not need the same homeopathic remedy, as already cited. There are dozens of homeopathic medicines, for instance, for hyperacidity, or any other health issue. The hyperacidity you present with (better by eating) will require a homeopathic remedy that matches with ‘that’ particular symptom. Your friend’s hyperacidity (worse by eating) will respond to an entirely different homeopathic remedy. Similarly, each of us experiences certain states that limit us in some way — the cause being emotional distress experienced during childhood. There are a handful of homeopathic remedies that can place such individuals, who are deeply depressed and angry with themselves, back on track.

A common cold, to cull a universal example, when treated with homeopathy, can boost your body’s defences to a totally new level. In so doing, you’ll be able to overcome several micro-organic — bacterial and viral — incursions of everyday life on your own. The reason being homeopathy gives the therapeutic stimulus, or ‘push,’ and helps our internal mechanisms, or immune defences, to correct themselves during illness and, in the process, helps us to achieve optimal health and well-being. 


An article published in the respected conventional medical journal, The Lancet, analysed 185 studies on homeopathy. It concluded that the clinical effects of homeopathy are not simply placebo (dummy pill) effect — as sceptics argue for varied reasons, some personal and some to protect their own professional, or ‘big’ pharma, interests. The journal called for more clinical research into homeopathy and its therapeutic outcomes — before it did a volte face and began to attack homeopathy, with gusto, calling it nothing but placebo.

A study published in Microvascular Research, another conventional medical journal, analysed the microcirculatory effects of a homeopathic preparation, using advanced vital microscopy techniques. After 12 weeks of treatment, patients receiving a homeopathic preparation exhibited improvement in all parameters measured — without side-effects. A more recent, advanced study completed in South Africa has also demonstrated statistically significant improvement in treatment outcomes in patients managed with individually-selected homeopathic remedies.

It may be useful to touch upon the fact that when conventional medical researchers attempt to evaluate the clinical efficacy of homeopathy, it is typically ‘subjected’ to the conventional medical model. This is erroneous; not rational. Because, one or two homeopathic medicines cannot be prescribed to dozens, or hundreds, of individuals or patients having the same diagnosis — unless it is an epidemic — with no thought given to their unique, different manifestations of the process of illness, or symptoms, in each of them, or how they react individually in both health and illness.

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